First Anniversary

On May 4th, A. and I celebrated our first anniversary. Since we were busy with finals and packing--me, for home; A., for India--we were unable to spend the whole day together. However, we were able to take time out of our afternoon to share a picnic with each other.

A year prior, A. and I had had a picnic in the Horticulture Park, which is just west of my residence hall. It was a lovely spot, and we hiked around the park for a short while after eating.

This year, we trekked to the same spot, nestling our blanket in the long grass and watching the breeze lightly skim through the branches two stories above our heads. It was a peaceful, yet romantic lunch.

the tree under which we ate

looking up...

"This branch looks like a lightning bolt!"

"...your eyes are so beautiful."
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