Join the Seventh Annual Ornament Swap

"Everything is intense and kinda dark this year," Allison Carter, the assistant digital director at The Indianapolis Star, tweeted today. "If people want to start celebrating the warmth, comfort and goodness of the holiday season on Nov. 1, let them."

So, without further ado, I'm kicking off the seventh annual ornament swap!

For the uninitiated, the swap is an international event in which two people trade holiday ornaments through the mail. Anyone can join (my mom even participates). Over the years, "swappers" from 14 countries have participated. You will be partnered with someone who shares your shipping preferences (domestic vs. international).

As for the ornaments themselves? They can be handmade, store-bought, vintage, crafted, nontraditional — you name it — and should cost between $5 - $12. If you are looking for ideas on what to send your partner, check out the 20122013, and 2014 ornament showcases!


1. Email with the subject line ORNAMENT SWAP.

2. Include your name and postal address.

3. Include your shipping preference (international or domestic).

4. The deadline to sign up is Nov. 17! 

5. Check out previous swaps and encourage others to sign up by using the hashtag #ornamentswaparoo! 


  1. Visited there last weekend with a group of friends, and had all the fun we could handle. I really like the ambiance at this event space NYC. There's a decent draft beer selection at a reasonable price and the bartenders are good at what they do.



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