2014 Ornament Swap Showcase

Fa la la la la la la la la. This year, more than eighty individuals (including my mom) participated in the ornament swap. Swappers from six countries--Australia, Canada, Romania, Spain, the U.K., and the States--participated, and twenty-two of the fifty U.S. states (including Alaska) were represented! I wish to extend an enormous thank you to everyone who traded ornaments. Thank you for taking part in something that encourages networking and holiday joy. I hope that everyone enjoyed the experience, and I hope to "see you" in a future swap! 

Merry holidays, and the happiest of new years! 

from Sarah to Megan

from Megan to Sarah

 from Cassy to Charlotte

from Charlotte to Cassy

from Shona to Tegan

 from Emily to Juj

from Juj to Emily

 from Sarah to Jackie

from Jackie to Sarah

 from Rose to Courtney

from Courtney to Rose

from Lisa to Brandi

 from Amy to Raina

from Anabel to Meagan

from Meagan to Anabel

from Lynette to Anca

 from Anca to Lynette

 from Arielle to Wendy

from Wendy to Arielle

from Bridget to Blaire

 from Chloe to Jenn

 from Connie to Cassandra

 from Corey to Sacha

from Sacha to Corey

from Lisette to Deborah

from Deborah to Lisette

 from Haley to Abby

from Ioana to Danielle

 from Danielle to Ioana

 from Joanne to Nicole

from Nicole to Joanne

 from Karm to Alexandria

 from Keri to Chris

from Lori to Faisal

 from Megan to Rachel

from Megan to Melissa

from Melissa to Megan

 from Megan to Sharon

from Sharon to Megan

from Meghan to Shannah 

from Michelle to Neltje

from Neltje to Michelle

 from Rachael to Margherita

from Margherita to Rachael

from Rachel to Megan

from Lucy to Rhianne

 from Rhianne to Lucy

from Shannah to Meghan

 from Shary to Terri

 from Terri to Shary

 from Tia to Heidi

 from Victoria to Ayla

from Ayla to Victoria

 from Zoë to Heidi

from Heidi to Zoë

 from Jo to Lindsey

from Lindsey to Jo

from Elissa to Michelle

from Michelle to Elissa

from Blaire to Dawn

from Dawn to Blaire

 from Jessica to Dawn

 from Dawn to Jessica


  1. A beautiful showcase! Thanks once again dawn for organizing such a lovely swap! Cheers

    1. And thank you for participating once more! I always love seeing what you send. It looks like you and your partner this year have similar styles! :)

  2. Beautiful ornaments everyone! Thank you for your generosity <3

    1. I'm so glad that you decided to join this swap, Lindsey, and I'm glad that it went well for you! I hope that you'll do it again in the future. :)

  3. Lovely to see so many beautiful ornaments and baubles :) thanks so much for inviting me to take part, it's a brilliant idea and I'd love to get involved again next year! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua Italy

    1. Thank YOU for taking part, pretty lady! I'm so glad that you did! I was happy to have two of my favorite bloggers partnered together. :)

  4. Thank you yet again for a great swap! Looking forward to May!

    1. Margherita! I really love that you keep returning to all these swaps! Your enthusiasm means so much to me.

  5. Thank you again for organising this, always a pleasure to be part of : ) x

    1. Thank you for always being awesome and sending out such cool things! I hope to see you in the future. :)

  6. Oh my Gosh all these ornaments are so lovely

    1. I agree! I was really stunned by everyone's thoughtfulness and generosity this year.

  7. Oh joy! So many ornaments, so beautiful!
    I'm going to have to scroll through at least 2 more times, to make sure I take note of every detail and critter.
    Thank you again for organizing this lovely event, Dawn. It's always such a pleasure to participate, so happy to see that so many people joined! :)

    Happy 2015, everyone!

    1. It's no problem at all, and I'm always happy to see you participate! Thank you again for joining in! It's always a pleasure to "see" you. :) I, too, keep coming back to look at everything! Everyone was so thoughtful and generous this year.

  8. These are all so pretty, unique, and fun. This is such a fun idea! I'm not a blogger but would sincerely love to be involved in something like this! (natorama99@yahoo.com)


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