Parry Mansion in Indianapolis

Two years ago, the Parry mansion was overgrown and inhabited by raccoons. After years of neglect, it hardly resembled the grandeur home that original owner David Parry had constructed in 1904. The south side of the mansion was blanketed in ivy, and, inside, there was a fair amount of debris--including some raccoon carcasses and an ophthalmology exam chair. In 2012, however, the 4.5-acre property was purchased by Jerico Properties, who began the daunting renovation process.

On Sunday, I visited the Parry Mansion, as HI Indy was celebrating its fifth birthday. There were no raccoon carcasses to be seen, but there were new floors. And fresh paint. And a master bathroom that is roughly the same size as my entire apartment. (The shower alone can host party of eight.) As I wandered the house, voices from the kitchen bounced off the marble floors and up the staircase. "Apparently there was a party here and they just kept bringing busload after busload of people here, and they were all, WHERE ARE THEY GOING? But, really, look at this place! This house absorbs people."

True enough, the Gatsby-esque mansion has had its fair share of parties; in 1927, the property was purchased by William Atkins, who hosted many memorable events. According to HI Indy, "his guests included local movers and shakers, politicians, and celebrities." Clark Gable even visited the property in 1950. Renovators also say that they discovered a nook off the ballroom and, in the nook, found the remnants of what might have been "bathtub gin."

Today, the mansion is on the market for, I believe, $6 million. The price tag includes eight bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, 15,815 square feet (not including the basement), a six-car garage, an indoor fountain, an outdoor fountain, an elevator, and a lamp-dwelling genie who promises to grant you three wishes. And the absurd ceiling on the third floor. Yeah, you get that, too.

If you're curious about the history of the Parry Mansion, I recommend reading this HI Indy article from March 2013. The Indy Star also wrote about the mansion just a few weeks ago.


  1. Swoooon! It totally gives off a Great Gatsby should totally buy it, I mean, it's ONLY 6 million ;) Beautiful pictures as always!!

  2. 6 million, wow!! I'm not surprised though, it is gorgeous and the details are stunning. Its hard to believe it was ever run down.

  3. That room with the green tiled fireplace is spectacular. I'd have loved to see photos of it when it was all run down, imagine all the ghost stories that must surround the house... I'm a sucker for a good ghost story :) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua Italy

    1. The library was one of my favorite rooms, too! I really like the leaded glass windows, the the dark wood made everything feel cozy. I guess the property is completely unrecognizable now, as it was so overgrown and in disrepair. I still would've loved to have seen it; like you, I have a soft spot for the run down. :)


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