It sounds like the start of a bad joke, or the beginning of a bad novel—one you know, you just know, is not going to end well.

My boyfriend lives in a Jewish cemetery.

It's a sentence I particularly enjoy inserting into casual conversation. For example:

"What are you doing this weekend, Dawn?"

"Oh, I'm gonna go see the boyfriend this weekend."

"Oh. Where is he?"

"He lives in Evansville in a Jewish cemetery."

"Oh, that's ... wait. What? He ... wait. WHAT?"


"You're kidding."


"You're kidding."


"He lives ... ?"


The face of whomever I’m talking to takes on a more concerned look, one that questions my sanity. "Is he ... is he ... dead?"


"Is he homeless?"

"Well, he's bearded and has smoked found cigarettes before. And he's gone through dumpsters and recovered furniture. Tough call."

" ... He lives in a Jewish cemetery."


"You sure?"

"Positive. Especially since Google Maps' latest map has photographic evidence of my car being there."

The other individual raises an eyebrow. I smirk. Because, yes, Ty lives in a Jewish cemetery.

I first blogged about Rose Hill Cemetery nearly two years ago, after I visited for the first time. The house is actually located within the grounds of the cemetery, and the whole set-up is kind of cozy … as far as Jewish cemeteries go, that is. Real estate agents are always trying to sell large windows and beautiful views, and—if you particularly enjoy gazing at headstones while doing dishes at the kitchen sink—look no further, my friend. It’s prime real estate if you want to be “in the know” when it comes to zombie apocalypses.


  1. Oh my god that is creepy, but kind of awesome at the same time.

  2. Some of my best photos are from our cemetery... I took a deep interest in it because 1. my husband's ashes are there. 2. My friend's parents are buried there.. 3. Its divided up into different sections and some of the dedicated names are from the time when the area was considered 'cowboy' town... You can't beat the history, or the landscape.. You got some great shots there!.

    1. Thank you; the cemetery is actually pretty photogenic. The oldest graves there are actually written in Hebrew. A lot of them are of Indiana limestone, too, and it's hard to discern any sort of words, since it's all been worn from time. There are some graves whose birth dates are from the late 1700s, which is pretty fascinating. Like you said--there's a lot of history.

  3. Those pictures are so gorgeous!


  4. I would love to live in a cemetery, join me on facebook at

    1. Thanks for stopping by! The cemetery is actually quite peaceful, in a way. It's beautiful when the sun is setting.


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