On Sunday, I impulsively drove myself south, to McCormick's Creek State Park. I had convinced myself that the journey would be worth it, that I'd be taking advantage of two things: first, "free admission day" to all state parks; and second, the beautiful weather. The day certainly was pleasant: it was mostly sunny, lightly breezy, and had temperatures hovering around the 75-degree mark. I hiked the park's longest trail, a two-mile trek horseshoeing to the north, over the creek and around the caves. It was green. It was verdant. I saw many a squirrel chasing one another, arguing with one another, twitching their bushy tails in anticipation or warning. There were robins and woodpeckers and wrens and cardinals and red-winged blackbirds. The trees enveloped me in a checkerboard of light and shadow, and--when I spotted a group of ferns huddled in the valley--I couldn't help but think, Why is this not Montana? And it hit me--my wanderlust. Damn it. My wanderlust hurts again.


  1. We used to go to McCormick's Creek to go camping and such when I was a kid. But yes, while fun, it also was never anywhere close to the road trips and camping out west. Either way, it's still nice to have pockets like this nearby to get a bit of respite from the city sometimes.

  2. Ohh, pretty. The woods have certainly "greened up"!

    1. Even in the city, everything has perked up within the last couple of weeks. I can't imagine how verdant McCormick's Creek looks in a couple of months, in the throes of summer.

  3. It's so nice to finally see everything pretty and green! These photos really make me want to hit the trails.

  4. Ohhh I love the bokeh in these, they are so pretty :)


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