Tuesday was windy, sure, but the sky was cloudless and aglow with the lowering sun. It felt like spring, for once, and the Cultural Trail was alive with its usual array of runners, dog walkers, and bicyclists. There were the rowdy teenagers, set loose by their parents in hopes that they would find an appropriate amount of mischief. The hand-holding hipster couples, with skinny jeans and uncombed hair, in want of a drink or two. And there was girl with the red coat, straining to keep pace with her dalmatian.

And then us.

Five of us. Six, really, if you counted Otto.

From Fountain Square, we walked northward--past Fletcher, past English--and when we came to the tracks, we followed them toward the city. We were parallel to them--on them, even--with our shoes and, in Otto's case, paws, creating a cacophony of graveled footsteps. And even lower than our feet, below the bridge, was the steady, humming rush of the Interstate. And though the five of us were relatively quiet, lost in our own reflections and creativity, there was still some sort of unspoken camaraderie. Pettiness? No. No, not right now. This matters instead. 

For more images from our photo walk, visit Anna Zimmerman's blog post here.


  1. Stunning! I don't know what it is about B&W photos, but I just love them!


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