It's true. I did walk to Fountain Square toward the end of February. It was one of those early spring days, the kind that gets sandwiched between rainy Fridays and blustery, chilled-to-the-bone Sundays. (I think Old Man Winter must have had a bender.) But on that particular Saturday, it was cloudless and sunny and warm. The Cultural Trail was busy with runners, joggers, dog-walkers, skateboarders, and the bicyclists who wove around them all, pedaling, pedaling, pedaling. Indeed, the fifty-degree weather made for a spectacular afternoon. However, I had spent most of my day indoors, pajama-clad and catatonic. It wouldn't surprise me if, on that day, my coworkers had been just as lethargic. After all, we were in the final weeks of the legislative session, and had been manning the office fifteen, sixteen, and sometimes twenty hours a day. Some days, the eye strain clouded your thoughts. On other days, you stayed awake by singing, "When you eat Chiquita bananas" to the tune of, "If you like pina coladas." And, on some days, you sat on your couch, stared out the window, and refused to wear pants. But. On that Saturday, I put on a pair of actual pants sometime around 4:00 and went outside. I'd been lured by the late afternoon sun, the blue skies, and the melting snirt (snow + dirt = dirty snow = snirt).

I'll be driving down to Evansville this evening and, tomorrow, Ty and I will be in Memphis for their St. Patrick's Day celebration. What will you be doing this weekend? Any special plans?


  1. Wow I absolutely love that first photo. Enjoy your weekend trip! I'll be staying in and working on the assignments and taxes I've been putting off. Better now than when spring is in full swing!

  2. Lovely photograph. No real plans for the weekend Supposedly they dye the Chicago river green. Should be interesting to see?

  3. Ft. Square is fun. I just discovered the DO317 Lounge. Half the adventure is finding it! Lovely, creative pics for a Hoosier in the bleak mid-winter! My plans this weekend? An estate sale in Whitestown, maybe go to see Ennis Clare at the Central Library, and another group, Red Tail Ring, is playing at the Indy Folk Series.

  4. What an interesting mix of photos. Really fun to look at! Thanks!


  5. I love your photos. And "snirt"? Had me snorting. Love it.

    1. The boyfriend is actually the one who came up with "snirt," haha. Thank goodness that is all gone now! I'm ready for some warmer weather!


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