It may be fifteen feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty, but with three hundred and thirty one steps to the top of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, you'd never guess. It's a hike, most definitely. You'll feel spry in the beginning, young and fit after the first few flights. You're winded by the hundredth step, however, and by two hundred, your pace has slowed, and your rasping breath echoes about the stairwell. Your calves ache. The temperature is rising. The staircase is narrowing and you keep wondering, how much farther? It can't be much farther? Right? Of course, the elevator in the middle of the monument mocks you. It swiftly carries other visitors up, up, up to the top, to the observation deck. You could've taken it, sure, but you wanted to save both the two-dollar fee and the view. It'll be more worth it, right? 


  1. I know I risk sounding really clueless here, but I actually didn't know you could go inside the monument or that it has observation deck! Maybe I'll brave those steps next time I'm in Indy.

  2. What a beautiful view! Also, I got your card! And it absolutely brightened my day. I realize you sent it like weeks ago, but I haven't checked my mailbox since February. Give me a heads up when you decide to come to Chicago (email is probably the easiest)! I will be gone for a week in April (10th-21st), but anytime other than that I'll be around!

  3. thank you for your comments... as far as the documentary, it will touch your heart.. btw how did u come across my blog? was it through Carmi Levy's 'Written' blog? Love your photos, especially the hand photo!... I can definitely feel the height in your skyscraper ones!. ;-)

    1. To be honest, I don't quite remember! I've been exploring other blogs as of late, so I may have found you through a comment you left somewhere. Regardless, I enjoyed my visit and appreciate your comments here, too! I'll be sure to put that move on the "to watch" list.

  4. Is it strange that I miss the sight of tall buildings?

    / Avy


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