I've always been drawn to the abandoned and forgotten. The left-behind and dilapidated. I suppose a particular building or place--or even person--intrigues me because of its obvious weathering. It has a history. It has a story. Uncovering the background of a building--learning when it was built, who it was built by, who it was built for, and what it was used for--I enjoy that. I enjoy discovering what time has taken for its own. Because, in the end, we don't want to be forgotten, and we don't want the places we loved to be lost, either.


  1. There are some great abandoned places on SR 37 -- first and foremost, I think, some abandoned sections of SR 37 itself. If you trace the road south towards Bloomington on Google Maps you can see some of them. One is at 39° 34.743', -86° 14.387'.

    1. Hey, Jim! I looked at the location on Google Maps. You're right! The road just pretty much ends. I'm assuming you've been there in person? I've been thinking about doing some driving around once it gets warmer, to shoot any old buildings I come across. Heading down 37 might be a good place to start. Thanks for the suggestion and location!

  2. I love exploring abandoned buildings as well! I never have the guts to go inside though. I really wish I was more daring, but I'm always worried of meeting someone unsavory or getting in trouble!

  3. love this series. I too have a weak spot for the abandoned...very cool shots.

  4. I think you really brought out the melancholy in these pictures :)

  5. Thanks, Evelyn! I always like how emotional abandoned buildings look. Thanks for commenting! I'm looking forward to exploring your photo blog later.


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