A few weeks ago, I took thirteen rolls of film in to be developed. Four of those rolls were black and white, and two of those four were from months and months beforehand. So here you are--images from April, when I still lived in Herron-Morton, when the magnolia petals fluttered with the wind of a passing storm. Images from May, when I went to Of Monsters and Men, my first outdoor concert in Indianapolis. Images from August and September. This summer, this fall. Just before I started full-time. They're all here--the cafe on Mass Ave, the Cultural Trail on which I bike and walk, the classic car parked in my quaint neighborhood, the memorials and stadiums and streets of Indy.


  1. Wow, a three seasons roll!
    Love the second to last. It seems like it was taken with an infrared film negative!

  2. These pictures look great!! It's amazing how long we went taking pictures without knowing what we will find once they are developed. I still like using film.

  3. I love film and haven't shot film in ages! I used to shoot with an old Pentax 35mm that was borrowed from my parents, but then they gave the camera to my sister. In standard fashion of my nomadic sister, it is now nowhere to be found, lost in one of her dozens of moves. Since, I have been checking ebay here and there for one of the same cameras, but I chicken out every time I think about purchasing one. There is just something about film. I love that aspect of taking photos months or weeks ago and not knowing quite how they will turn out. And how they are like a small walk down memory lane when you finally develop the film.

    I especially love the contrast between the sky and the leaves in your photos above. Beautiful as always!

  4. Aww, I love these! Nice work Dawn.


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