Under my bed, there are a series of boxes. Boxes of photographs, of old school papers, of memories. And then there's the blue shoe box, the one my old tennis shoes came in. It's a wide box, true, but its sides are bulging, full of cards and well wishes. Some of the cards have been saved for twenty years--I received them on my fifth birthday and do not have the heart to dispose of them.

Cards are special--and whether they cost $1 or $8, the sender/giver did his or her best to select the "perfect" one. In truth, I'm always on a mission to find the right card, the right words. And, as a reasonably sassy individual, I'm drawn to the more quirky cards. The sarcastic cards. The ones that may or may not make you blush or laugh or groan.

The cards here are all handmade, and can all be found on Etsy. Some are letterpress, some are hand-drawn. There's fancy typography, clean design, and creative blends of humor and holiday spirit. And, of course, there are varying levels of sass. More importantly, though, each card comes from a vendor that prides itself on being an artist or a small business. So, even though Small Business Saturday has passed, it never hurts to keep looking, to keep shopping, to keep buying.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend; I'll be in Detroit on Saturday, at the Urban Craft Fair. I'll be buying up entire booths, I'm sure. Deckin' the halls. Lightin' that shit up. You know.

Happy First Friday!

* All images used with permission.


  1. These postcards are hilarious! Thank you for sharing them, Dawn!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. This is a fantastic bundle of holiday cards and a good reminder about how special cards are. Thanks so much for including PAGEFIFTYFIVE in this post!

  3. Great collection! Thank you so much for including ours!

  4. These cards are hilarious! Have fun in Detroit and stay warm! I am off to the Shedd Aquarium this weekend and am superexcited to see the jellyfish!

  5. Awww these card are pretty fun and hilarious!
    Very nice, thanks for sharing.
    Cheers and hugs xxxx
    Anne Walker @


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