On Saturday, I decided to be a bit crazy. And by "be a bit crazy," I mean, "make a weekend getaway in Detroit." And by "weekend getaway," I mean, "drive four and a half hours to Detroit to attend a craft show at the Masonic Temple and then, after spending just two hours wandering around downtown, drive the four and a half hours back to Indianapolis."

If I recall, Hans and I left at 1:15 in the afternoon and got back to Indianapolis around 2:00 in the morning.

But it was worth it.

When I called my mom on Sunday, she asked how my weekend had gone.

"Oh, you know. I hung out with Zoë on Friday for awhile. Did some Christmas shopping. Haven't been doing much today." I yawned. "Oh, and I went to Detroit yesterday," I added as an aside. 

"That's ni--wait. WHAT?! In one day?" 

It was glorious. Both her reaction and the trip. 

I had planned a trip to Detroit ever since Julie of Julie Ann Art had announced that she would be participating in the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. Since I've purchased cards from her for well over a year now, and since she was only going to be a few hours away, I decided to make the trip north. She was fun, energetic, and conversational, and it was just as easy to joke with her, to ask her questions in person, as it is online. 

... Not sure if Julie looks tiny or I look Amazonian, but I swear I'm only 5'10". 

Since we rolled into town around 6:00, we were only able to spend about an hour at the craft fair. It was plenty of time, though, to stroll each aisle and pick up a few things. I grabbed a few more cards from various vendors, as well as a handful of magnets. My favorite, purchase, though, is the planter with four succulents I got from The Library Lab. (And by "planter," I mean "hollowed-out, vintage book.") I practically had a bookgasm upon seeing that particular booth. 

Hans and I spent a great deal of time in the Masonic Temple, photographing various elements of it. It was a stunning building with exquisite detailing. Outside the Temple, there were abandoned buildings. Down the block, on the same block, around the corner. To me, Detroit is almost a monument to myself. All the same, it's eerily beautiful. The city was especially pretty downtown, with the lights and the Christmas tree and the ice skating and the artisans' market we just happened to stumble upon. And, oh, we were cold. Hans' hands were freezing, my toes were numb. The corners of our mouths found it hard to shape words, to mold sentences in evening wind. 

But it was worth it.

Even though I got us mildly lost three separate times.

I believe I uttered, "I'm so happy we came!" about five dozen times. And I'm pretty sure that I thanked Hans for tagging along about seven dozen times. It was nice, to hang out. To talk. To joke around. To give each other shit and chagrin. It was nice to have company. It was nice to explore with someone I can trust. It was nice to hang out, exchange a hug once we parted, and know that, hey, we're still friends. Good friends.


  1. What!! Book planters! That is brilliant! Glad to know that you had a good trip. It is freezing over here - I do not know how you managed to walk around Detroit in this kind of weather. Every morning I wake up and think "this is it, I'm going to freeze to death for sure this time."

  2. Happy for you & your enjoyable, albeit chilly adventure! Your photos always have a wonderful way of contributing to your stories. Dawn. Of the many times I flew into Detroit on business several years ago, I never had a chance to explore for fun, so thank you for the chance to do so through your photos!

  3. Haha, you're too funny. And also, love the photos!! Detroit ain't so bad right? ;] xoxo JA

  4. These photos are marvelously beautiful!!

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  6. Pretty glittery pics. And I love spontaneous road trips. It's one of the things I missed most during the years we didn't own a car. I think today we are going to drive up to a Scandinavian shop in Md...not quite the distance you did but still a ways away. We missed the Swedish fair this year that we've gone to in the past and so thought it might be nice to go get another little Dala horse.


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