Is it really the week of Christmas? Where has December gone? (Where has this year gone?) It's as if I just put up my tree and lined my windowsills with glass bottles and snow globes. I'm almost debating on whether or not I can leave my tree up through Valentine's Day; I love it so.

I grew up decorating the tree differently each year. My mom and I would concoct a theme--Santas, homemade ornaments, woodland-themed, red and white, gold and brown, purple and silver, you name it. For now, though, my tree is bedecked with a few ornaments of my own creation, as well as a handful of vintage balls. And, of course, there are the treasured ornament swap ornaments as well.

This year, approximately seventy people participated in the ornament swap. There were swappers from 11 countries--Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Romania, South Korea, Spain, and the States. I was excited when one of my cousins joined the swap, and was even more so when my mom decided to participate! (And, to the best of my knowledge, she would like to do it again in the future.) That said, I wish to extend an enormous thank you to everyone--quite literally around the globe--for trading hanging memories. For taking part in something that encourages networking and Christmas joy. I hope everyone enjoyed the experience, and I wish for everyone to return next year as well.

So, without further ado, here are some of the ornaments that were swapped among you.

from Anabel to Courtney

 from Ayla to Shakti

from Shakti to Ayla

from  Leila to Shannah

from Shannah to Leila

from Melissa to Cassy

from Cassy to Melissa

  from Holly to Tia

  from Meghan to Sacha

  from Sacha to Meghan

  from Lisa to Rhianne

  from Emily to Hilary

from Hilary to Emily

  from Jane to Sarah

  from Sarah to Jane

from Corey to Margherita

  from Chris to Megan

from Anna to Leslie

from Blaire to Grace

  from Karm to Ioana

  from Ioana to Karm

from Jackie to Jenn

from Jenn to Jackie

  from Edi to Charlene

from Charlene to Edi

  from Chelsea to Lana

from Lana to Chelsea

  from Shary to Brittany

  from Rachael to Jo

  from Jo to Rachael

  from Antonella to Lorie

  from Sarah to Nicolette

  from Nicolette to Sarah

from Heidi to Sharon

  from Haley to Wendy

from Wendy to Haley

from Kaitlin to Arielle

from  Arielle to Kaitlin

from Lisa to Meagan

from Meagan to Lisa

  from Deborah to Sarah

from Sarah to Deborah

Merry Christmas, everyone! Happy holidays. I wish for you all to stay safe, stay warm, and enjoy good food, good company, good times. Take care, and have a wonderful Christmas. 


  1. So many fun and beautiful ornaments! I had so much fun with this swap and loved my ornament and gifts from Charlene!

  2. Thank you Dawn so much for incredible opportunity have my first year ornament swap! I'm sure it will be not the last one:) Also, thank you my Polish new friend from Australia - Chelsea - what a happy surprise! I wish everyone a lot of joy for this time of happy but busy season!
    Merry X-Mas and Happy New 2014!!! xx, Lana

  3. I had so much fun with this! Looking forward to next year!

    I blogged about my experience with the swap here: http://wp.me/pkpUV-mA

  4. I'm a proud veteran of your swap! I had so much fun last year and this year with the swaps! Looking forward to participating in 2014's swap! :D

  5. Thank you for once again organizing such a lovely exchange!! It is always such fun:) Can't wait for next year;) Thanks Dawn!! Xo

  6. I just love all these ornaments! I think this is such a wonderful experience! thank you for letting me be a part of it again! I can't wait for next year!

  7. It was fun to take part…and I got some beautiful little stockings for my tree, I just haven’t had a chance to take any photos of them yet! Happy Christmas!

  8. Had a wonderful time again: thinking of the ornament, creating it, and waiting for Corey's to arrive! A piece of Texas was on our tree this year and we were thrilled! :) Thank you thank you!

  9. I had to go through this showcase one more time, just to show my husband what joyful things were exchanged here :)
    These ornaments are really amazing, and so completely different from each other! As always, I loved putting together a little package, and receiving a surprise on the mail—such fun!
    Thank you for hosting this swap once again! Hope there are many, many more.

    x o !


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