On Veterans Day, I drove up to Crown Hill Cemetery, a quiet haven surrounded by several of Indy's busiest streets. The time of year when the leaves are golden and afire was ending, and so I couldn't pass up an opportunity to explore.

I had been wanting to find John Dillinger's grave, admittedly, and had also wanted to visit the final resting places of other famous Indy residents--the ones who helped found the city, who helped shape it. The ones I wrote about for Historic Indianapolis.

It was a beautiful day. Cloudy, but calm, so getting lost within the cemetery's gates was a welcome idea. And, really, getting lost is entirely possible; there are 25 miles of paved road within the cemetery's grounds. (Crown Hill is actually the nation's third-largest non-governmental cemetery.) And while there, I spoke with a few veterans, snapped a few photos, kicked at the leaves and watched them kaleidoscope into the air. And remembered; this is the place John Green references in The Fault in Our Stars. ... and I can see why.

It's beautiful.


  1. what a great idea to go, you've captured it wonderfully, the colours are amazing.

  2. It's beautiful, indeed!
    Close to my parents' house in Italy there is a WW2 cemetery which contains almost two thousand burials resulting from the American landings in 1943. It's such a beautifully kept memorial ground and I love visiting it.

  3. Girl I don't know how you do it but your photography skills are sick! Like seriously! I mean it! :-) I have a love and fear of Crown Hill. It is the place my family buries our dead. The place I am one day supposed to be dead and buried.

  4. the eyeballs on that statue are something else


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