Christmas has been making cameos.

While watching the Boston Red Sox two nights ago, for example, a Christmas-themed Best Buy commerical aired. Several emails that appeared in my inbox alluded to Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, and have reminded me that, soon enough, the seasonal shopping frenzy will be upon me. And then there was Pandora, which serenaded me with mellow jazz for more than an hour before it slammed me with "Baby, It's Cold Outside," which is possibly the No. 1 tune on a list of "best rape-themed holiday songs." (Check Cracked's appropriately titled "8 Romantic Songs You Didn't Know Were About Rape" article if you don't believe me.)

I've shopped at Hobby Lobby, which--according to tradition--begins celebrating Christmas the Monday after the Fourth of July. And my coffee mug, the cheery red one I keep at work, is patterned with dots and snow flakes and winter weather. And, of course, of course, I've been thinking about my tree. About how to decorate it. About what ornaments I have. And about what ornaments I would like to make.

Yes, Christmas is beginning to make itself more prevalent. And, as I've said before, it's the one holiday that almost literally makes me drool with eager anticipation. So, that said, it's time to begin the second annual ornament swap!

Last year, nearly 80 individuals participated in the ornament swap! (You can view the showcase here.) Ornaments were swapped and mailed from the States, Canada, England, Scotland, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Romania, Trinidad, Spain, and Singapore. I'm eager to see who will join this year, and what sort of dazzling, sparkling, vintage, handmade, crafted or store-bought beauties will be sent out.

Interested in joining? You can sign up by following the instructions below. Please know that anyone can join! You don't have to have a blog or a Twitter or an Instagram or a Pinterest or any other network connection. You just need to be a person.


Email me at with the subject line ORNAMENT SWAP. 

In the email, include your postal address and your shipping preferences. (International or domestic?)

Include a link to your blog, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook page, or website, if you have one. 

The last day to sign up for the swap is Nov. 10. (I plan to have everyone partnered by Nov. 15. The ornaments should be mailed by Nov. 30.)

Ornaments can be purchased or created, vintage or handmade! They can be whatever you would like them to be ... but they shouldn't cost more than $10 to $12. It's the holiday season, so it's understandable that things are going to get hectic! However, please think about what sort of ornament would stun your partner when he or she unwraps and unravels the packaging.

Include a note with your ornament. Tell your partner a little more about yourself. About the ornament. About your favorite Christmas traditions. A short, sweet or funny Christmas poem. Song lyrics. A quote. A laundry list of why you love Christmas. A laundry list of all the nicknames you have for your cat.

Lastly, have fun! Enjoy getting to know another blogger during what is considered to be "the most wonderful time of the year." And be sure to snap a photo (or two or five) of your new ornament. Come mid-December, I'll showcase the entire exchange here.

Thanks for joining!


  1. Once again, I'm geeked. :)

  2. How fun! I'm emailing you right now!

  3. Love it. LOVE IT! Can't wait!

  4. Oh, well....I just missed that:(
    I would like to be a part for a future swap if you not mind!


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