On May 9, at 10:38 p.m., I will turn 25.

My sixth birthday party. My mom managed to cut most of me out of this photo. (That's half of my face looming in the bottom left corner, there.) 

My fourth birthday. I was pretty big into Barbies.

 My tenth birthday, when everyone had their parties at the Rolla Rena Skating Rink in Council Bluffs. I'm in the leopard-print shirt, holding a stuffed puppy. 

My seventh or eighth birthday. 

My ninth birthday. Despite the fact that it was only 50-some degrees (a rarity for that time of year), I wore a matching shirt and shorts. Flowers. Obnoxious flowers. 

My first birthday, with my mom, brother, aunts, uncles, and cousins on my mom's side. (I and three of my cousins were born within six months of each other.) I also got chicken pox on my first birthday. My mom is in the back, on the left, holding me. 

My greatest gifts have been you: my family, the friends who I can call family, my long-time friends, long-distance friends, college friends, high school friends, blogging friends.
* Also known as "The Day I Can Officially Rent A Car Without Having to Pay Extra And/Or Exorbitant Fees." Thanks for the gift, society. It's almost as enjoyable as what I got from my grandmother last year. She sent me a card me 24 pennies taped to the inside. "Twenty-four for your age," she wrote, "and one to grow on." In other words, my grandmother gave me a quarter for my birthday.


  1. Yay! Happy Birthday if I forget to say it tomorrow. Only 25. wow!

  2. Happy, happy, happy birthday Dawn!!!!!!!!

  3. Despite the fact that I now feel very old in comparison, I am sending belated wishes to you for much happiness ahead! Hope your birthday was filled with many joyful moments, Dawn!

  4. These pictures are amazing!! Little Dawn is adorable. And your mom has serious camera skillz; I can see where you get your talent from. ;) But I promise my mom is much every picture is crooked and/or with her finger in the middle of the frame.

    Happy belated 25th! I love that your grandma sent you pennies. I have an elderly aunt who still remembers my birthday every year, and she will send me two $1 bills, which is the sweetest thing and kind of breaks my heart. She doesn't have a lot of money and lives in a home and I'm not sure she even knows that $2 is a tiny amount of money. Sigh. Old ladies are the best. :)

  5. Haha your grandma sounds fun. (I told you Happy Birthday already but Happy Birthday again, because let's face it, who doesn't like hearing that?)
    I'm still into Barbies. When I walk past(or down) the Barbie aisles at a store I get a sort of butterflies. So much pink yet it's appealing. I remember not wanting to grow out of Barbies. My friends were like "We like boys now" and I was just like, "Yeah but what does that have to do with Barbies?".


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