Remember the May Day swap? Those who participated were able to package up some emblem of spring--lilac-scented soap, crocheted flowers, paper butterflies, raspberry honey, seeds, etc.--and send it off to an eager recipient. The May Day swap was much like the ornament swap from December, only it was organized round robin-style (as compared to the ornament swap's partnerships).

Come May 1 (May Day), I had planned to showcase photos of everyone's gifts. However, after contacting many of the participants, I learned that nearly a third of them had yet to receive their packages! As a result, I have decided to postpone the showcase until Wednesday, May 15.

Admittedly, I am disappointed. There are such wonderful gifts that were mailed out, and I cannot wait to share them with everyone! There are so many beautiful, creative, lacy, pretty, floral, personalized items. However, I didn't want to post only a portion of the packages that were sent, and I didn't want anyone to feel left out. Furthermore, a lot of individuals are busy--with finals, with school, with work, with families, with illnesses. Those things need to come first. Always. 

I apologize if anyone was looking forward to the post; I was, too. However, the May 15 deadline will give the post office enough time to deliver the remaining packages. (That said, if you're a swapper, please mail your package ASAP, if you haven't already! And if you have already received your box of May Day goodies, then I encourage you to send a photo or two my way. I can guarantee that I'll probably end up drooling over some sweet or fanciful thing you received.) 

Thanks for your patience, everyone. I really appreciate it. And I really appreciate each and every person that joined the swap. I'm always amazed that so many people are interested in participating. Seeing so many people connect hits me "right in the feels." If I could--as a thank-you--I would mail all 45 of you a basket of warm, fuzzy, adorable kittens. (Or puppies, if you're a dog person.) 


  1. So sorry I had a lot of problems trying to upload an image to my gmail email and I don't know how to. It kept giving me error messages. I'll work on it tonight! I just love what I recieved from Alya and I hope Zoe got her package too! =)

  2. I'm so sad I missed this swap! I love the ornament swap, but finals completely took over my brain and I didn't get a chance to email you until after the deadline. Hopefully you have another swap soon! Either way, I'm super excited to see what other people have gifted and received.

  3. I just received Shannah's package today. I love the nail polish and handmade gifts. Thank you so much! I haven't heard from the person I sent my package to but fingers cross it makes its way across the ocean!

  4. So...I'm starting to worry that I'm not good at directions. For the Christmas ornament swap I forgot to include a card. For the May Day swap I did not stick to only items that were symbolic of spring. If there's one more activity and I bone it, I'm afraid I'll be banned from these forever!

  5. I hate I missed this swap! I'll keep up with your blog and join the next one. Check out Sunshine penpals and join the fun!


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