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1. My uncle's surgery went very well. In my aunt's words, "Everything looks great." (My uncle suffered a series of three strokes one evening this past December. He has alternated between the hospital and a rehabiltation center since then. Though his absence from home will not last much longer, prayers for him and the family are still welcomed.)

2. May 30. Indianapolis. Of Monsters and Men. I'm damn excited. Big thanks to Hans for purchasing the tickets for my birthday. Icelandic hipster bands are right up my alley.

3. Texts from my mom, who is listed in my phone as "Head Yak": "Got this terrific package today that brought tears to my eyes and the biggest, warmest sense of love from you. Thank you so very much. You're a much better daughter than I am to my mother. No wonder I love you so much."

4. Developing film, both the surprises and the disappointments.

5. May 9, my birthday.

6. A week off work, as a reward for the exhausting and time-consuming legislative session. After several 60 to 70-hour workweeks, a trip to Iowa will be very much enjoyed.

7. The possibility that I may be able to attend my twin cousins' joint graduation party. The possibility that I will be able to see my uncle when I go "home."

8. Plans for a two-week road trip. One that will take us (Tweedledum, Tweedledee, and I) West.

9. Plans for Hans and I to meet my dad in either St. Louis or Hannibal in June.

10. A birthday party in one week.

11. Lazy, cozy evenings spent in bed with Hans, giggling and watching "The Simpsons" on Hulu.

12. Wonderful thoughts and concerns from the blogging community. You have no idea how much I appreciated each of your comments. Thank you to everyone who "checked up" or "checked in" with me; sometimes, one needs it. And I needed it. I sincerely read each comment, and I do my best to reply to each one. You're not just "blogging friends;" you're real friends. People who care and appreciate and show concern. Individuals who readily cheer you up and know you better than you sometimes know yourself. People who share beautiful imagery--either through words or photos.

13. What I can do, what I could do, what I should do. I can contribute to Historic Indianapolis. I could go to grad school. I should contribute to the publishing world. Read, write, edit, think, critique. Possibilities. Try.

14. Golden sunsets.

15. Blossoming magnolias and pink petals.

16. Having a Twitter exchange with R.L. Stine.

17. Having a kick-ass sister-in-law, a humble and hilarious brother, a there-is-no-way-in-hell-I-can-replace-her mother, a just-the-right-amount-of-goofy fiance.

18. Sunrises on the way to work. The pinks and purples and subtle pastels that reflect off downtown buildings.

19. Being able to save more money than I expected. Having a lower credit card bill than I estimated. Budgeting for the future--for a bike, for a new phone, for a trip to Iowa, for a trip West, for retirement.

20. Inside jokes. ("I'm mailing you a toothbrush, since you live in a cemetery.")

21. That the list of "happy thoughts" is longer than the other list.


  1. I could comment on everything on this list, but I'll just say "I like it". Deep, right?
    Giggling to The Simpsons is a favorite in our house too.
    I remember when I first had a Twitter exchange with R.L.Stine, I was so giddy. I think being able to communicate with celebs every now and then is the best thing about Twitter.


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