Hans and I are frequent visitors to the Fountain Square/Fletcher Place area, where these photos were taken. Most of the images are from a roll of Kodak 200, but the last photo comes from my Kodak Elite Chrome roll (the one that was cross-processed). Though the photo doesn't show it, the building to which the blue door is attached is actually salmon-colored. It's a very warm, peachy color, especially at sunset.

All the images were taken while walking around the neighborhood. As Hans intends to buy a house in the area, we enjoy taking walks up and down the streets, staring at architecture and businesses. We watch the renovations, see new homes built on empty lots and ancient homes refurbished. Fletcher Place happens to be one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city (two of the homes I featured on Historic Indianapolis were built in 1865) and has several Italiante-style homes. Fountain Square has more bungalows, and the area is experiencing a revival. Fountain Square is also one of Indy's six cultural districts, and is known for its artists.

And its hipsters.

Camera: Refurbished LC-A
Film: Kodak 200, Kodak Elite Chrome 100 (last photo only)


  1. Great photos there's not much street art here in New York anymore =/

  2. I love seeing Indianapolis through your lens! My favourite is the last picture, it looks almost surreal!


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