With the air warm, the breeze light, and the sun in the sky, we spent both Saturday and Sunday outside. My dad--who had been visiting Indy for a couple of days--stopped by Saturday morning. He gifted us yeast and blueberry donuts, and after Hans and I gluttonously devoured them for breakfast, we drove to the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace (where I picked up an 1898 map of Omaha). After a few hours perusing antiques, we tramped downtown, to Monument Circle. There, we huffed and puffed (well, I did, anyway) up 331 stairs to the top of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

The deck was crowded with the physically exerted. Damp from the sweat of those who had bypassed the elevator. But the cost was free, and the view was spectacular. We mapped out Virginia and Massachusetts avenues. We pointed in the direction of our apartment. Asked ourselves, "What is that?" Watched the ants, the ant-like persons some 200-feet below us, crawl in straight lines of traffic.

What I remember most is one child, a boy, who kept exclaiming to his parents, "I'm in the heart of Indianapolis! The heart of the city!" Where he and his family resided, from where they had driven, I do not know. But his earnest appreciation of the city made me smile. For I, curiously teetering behind the glass, with camera in hand, was just as filled with childlike wonder. 

Constructed in 1857, the Christ Church Cathedral is the oldest building on Monument Circle. This 1898 photo shows both the Monument and the church.


  1. The view looks amazing. Even though I am awful with heights, I can't help loving the birds-eye view. Your dad was so sweet to bring you guys donuts...now I have a donut craving at 1 AM. Oh dear hahahha.

  2. I love these pictures, especially the first one! Great miniature effect!

    And it sounds like a wonderful day! :)

  3. Love these shots. And yes, I was super out of breath when we did it. It was The fourth of July and 106 degrees. Haha.

  4. Ahh nice to hear it's been sunny and warm in your corner of the world too. A visit from the dad AND blueberry donuts?? Lucky girl :) And kudos for taking the stairs!! The city looks so charming from this view. It's easy to see why you and that little boy were filled with childlike wonder.

    Enjoy your Monday! xx

  5. Lovely view!!! But with my fear of heights I'll stick to enjoying it through the pictures :)

  6. I am from Indiana and LOVE Indianapolis! It is one of my favorite cities


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