In contrast to yesterday's images, which were taken from the top of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, today's were shot from the terra firma of Monument Circle. The Circle is in the heart of downtown, at the crossroads of Meridian and Market streets. The entire Circle is paved with brick and is pedestrian friendly. During the warmer months, tourists and locals alike spend time in the Circle--frequenting shops, cafes. They lounge on the cool steps, or cluster beneath the trees, the ones sparkling and glittering with fairy lights. It's certainly captivating, almost magical. It's a place that earned my admiration four years ago, when I first saw it, when we first turned a corner and THERE. THERE IT WAS. Fountains and stone and light and shadows. The heartbeat of the city.

These photos were taken with my LC-A, with my second roll of film. I used Lomography's CN 400, which didn't work as well on that gloomy day as I had hoped. Things still look a bit too gray, but, as I've said before, I'm learning. Sometimes it is quite racking to share images here, ones that I know are full of imperfections. All the same, I love the contrast of the red brick against the stone architecture. The Circle is one of the most admirable--and oldest--places in the city.

I took the following eastward-looking photo because I fell in love with this one from 1910. The original, old buildings, the carriages, and the rails. And, oh, the streetcars .. the public transportation that no longer exists, that instead has been plowed and paved over dozens and dozens and dozens of times.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, friends.

Camera: Refurbished LC-A
Film: Lomography CN 400


  1. I would really love to visit Indianapolis one day - it has an old elegant feel to it.

  2. I always think about taking pics of places in DC that have been famous photographs before and doing a then and now, though others have already done it certainly. I still think it would be fun for me.
    Anyway, the colors in some of these are really nice. I love that church spire. I know what you mean about feeling hesitant to post work that you know isn't perfect, but I really like to see progress shots of other photographers and artists, the stuff they're experimenting with. Oftentimes I find that stuff just as interesting as their more polished pieces.

  3. I wish I could take a year off of work and travel to all the cities people mention and just get lost in them for a day or two so I can see it all! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  4. I like them, I can imagine that this is exactly what it looked like on the day :)

    If its grey out I tend to use B&W film... colour negative tends to capture things exactly how they look and if its grey our, then its grey in the photos.

  5. How pretty! I love that you used your film camera. I love the feel of these.

  6. It may be because we mostly have grey days here in Ireland but I do love them! Especially the bluish sky and the warm red tones.


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