Since I am only a temporary hire, I reap my benefits in the little things, rather than in overpriced health insurance. For example, there are at least two people a week who bring wonderful food items into the office. There has been banana bread. Pepperidge Farm cookies. Coffee cake. Bagels. Gourmet popcorn. Donuts from Long's--a bakery in Indianapolis that is notorious for its nirvana-like glazed donuts.

There is also a mini-mart just below my office that I visit when the stockpiles in my desk drawer are running low. Another small benefit is the handling of paper; though I have developed minute calluses on my thumbs from all of the page turning I do, I handle reams of paper, some of it still warm from the printer. I can spend my lunch hour at the state library, researching buildings and people for Historic Indianapolis. I can go shopping on my lunch break, too, if I desire. Take the angular, vertigo-inducing tunnels to Circle Centre, where I can pick up a pair of jeans or earrings.  Speaking of the tunnels, there are mazes of underground passageways--from the parkage garage, to the state library. To the mall downtown. To the Statehouse.

Ah, the Statehouse. An 1888 construction at which I marvel from the wide windows in my boss's corner office. It's pretty grandeur, and I'm thrilled to be working next to such a building. I've actually never been in my own state capitol (which is the only five-domed state capitol in the country), so being able to enjoy Indiana's is something for which I am grateful. Each time I lug my camera into its open floors, I notice something different--the pattern on the windows, the flickering gold that paints the bottom of each staircase.


  1. Delightful photos of the Statehouse. The last time I was in there was before digital photography, and my simple camera couldn't cut through the available light. I can see it's time for a return visit with my camera!

  2. Ok now I've lived in Indy my entire life (and that is such a sad thought...I mean it's getting better but yeah....) and I have never been inside this building. Lovely! And how nice you can go shopping in the rain or snow storm! haha!



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