Twice a week, I work early and work late. Leave before the light, before the pinks of sunrise silhouette the Indy skyline. I return after the light, after the orange haze of evening settles behind the horizon. On the lucky days I do leave early ("early" being a relative term), I come home to find my basement apartment aglow. Late afternoon sunlight shines through the tiny kitchen windows. It decorates the floor. It bounces and reflects, making the red ceiling redder, the yellow table yellower.

And, oh, that table. It's my favorite thing to see on those afternoons. Chrome. Vinyl. Mid-century. A wedding present from Hans's father and step-mother. Though the wedding is indefinitely posponed, the table still resides with us. (A thankful round of applause goes to Hans's brother, who hauled the set from Georgia to our apartment, some 500-some miles.)

The table isn't for everyone, no. It's old, perhaps outdated. But it's sturdy. It's welcoming. When my friends visit, we sit for breakfast, sipping coffee and sharing waffles. It's a conversation piece. A workspace on which to prepare food, sew ornaments, iron clothes, wrap presents.

It's not perfect. Atop one chair, the vinyl is cracked and peeling. There are some smudges along the table's "rim," most likely from moving one place to another, one kitchen to another. The table itself is etched with knife marks, scarred from cutting. It collects crumbs (or, rather, we forget to brush them away). It gets dirty. It's not perfect.

But on the afternoons when I walk in, look to my left, and see the golden hour of light, it could be.

Recipe for eggplant and mushroom sandwiches can be found here.


  1. The food is making me hungry..I should really get up for lunch. Also, I love the table and the chairs so much. Makes me think of late-night diners and milkshakes!

  2. That table is super awesome. Your place looks so cute! I want to see more photos!

  3. I feel like I can taste that sandwich through my computer screen...

    That table is great, I can see why you love it. I think a kitchen table holds a lot of character of a home. My dad built our family table and it itself holds memories of all the times we gathered together for holiday meals. Even the table before that from when I was a child holds memories. Even though it was bought not built, I remember hiding underneath it and making teepees.
    It's cool how a table is kind of the center of the home. The meeting place.

  4. I agree with Arielle...I wish I could pick furniture based on it's character. Your table seems very wise and I would sit there as often as I could! Especially in that afternoon light! =)

    That sandwhich sounds delicious too! My two favorite foods!! =)

  5. That looks like the most delicious sandwich ever! And that lighting! It seems staged somehow. To lovely to be made on its own but that seems silly because a greater percentage of beauty comes from nature and only from nature. I am so picky on my dining room table that I have owned my home for three years and I still do not own one. I own the chairs just not the table. Yes I know I'm crazy!


  6. Lovely table!! And those mushrooms make me hungry :)

  7. Beautiful light! I think most people always assume that basement apartments will be dark and damp, "dungeon living" and all that. But I lived in a lower level apartment (not as nice as this one I must say) years ago, and we got plenty of light too, especially at certain times of day. (By the way, I love the exposed brick and pipes and all of your bottles along the wall.)

    I have been meaning to photograph our new table and chairs we got earlier this month. I only snapped a quick instagram photo, but I wanted to take "real" photos for my blog. You are inspiring me to do so. :)

  8. Hi Dawn! Thanks for checking in, you're so sweet. :)

    I'll be back to my blog in a couple weeks, with lots to update with! I've just been very ill the past few weeks, and haven't had much chance to take photos or blog. I'm on the mend though!

    I love your retro table! And your place has a very cool vibe! I enjoy your photography as always! Stay well and don't work too hard! :)

  9. This post makes me happy. The first reason is because of the light (glorious). The second because of the story. I'm going to close my eyes now and think of some piece of furniture we own that I love and why.

    Hope you got home early tonight.

  10. Oh gosh, it looks so delicious. Makes me hungry.


  11. ooo.. the table. I really like that. My grandmother used to have one hen I was younger. I love the way eggplants look and their color. I mean the color is amazing for nature however I really don't like the taste. I've tried them in different ways and I just can't get into them.


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