Back in November, I signed up to participate in a disposable camera swap with Shannah from Shannah Renee. She's a crafty individual who is highly interested in sending and receiving mail. I was looking forward to developing my disposable, but it took me far longer to finish the roll than I had hoped originally. (Since I work six days a week, and am not typically away from my desk until after dark, I had a hard time getting outside and exploring.) I was finally able to drop off my film an embarrassing two months later. And when I finally went to pick it back up, I was ... disappointed.

Somehow, somewhere or another, light had gotten in and affected the film. All of my photos are blurred and spotted and "fogged." The right-hand side of each image appears smeared. Other images look as if they have been burned. I do not know what happened.

However, enough of them turned out for me to be reasonably satisfied. And, really, one of my favorites is one of the most damaged ones.

You just never know with film. That's the thrill of it.

In case you're wondering, the red/pink hue is of my own doing: I colored both the lens and the flash with a Sharpie before I began taking photos.


  1. Wow Dawn! these are amazing!!! I would never have thought to use the sharpies--what a neat effect (without using instagram or any editor, imagine that! lol)

    I LOVE that one with the trees and the sky.

  2. WOW!!! Your blog is completely new and I love it :D
    It looks like a professional web site and this is amazing :)

    In these post I love the photo with the red shoes :) so nice!

  3. Oh how I miss disposable cameras!!! I didn't realize you could change the photo by doctoring the camera!! These shots look so cool!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  4. That's so weird that all the images came out blurred on one side. But I think it works in a couple of them...I like the one of the tree tops and the red shoes and also the house. I've been wanting to try coloring the lens of a disposable too, but we talked already about labs that "fix" your photos for you and I'm afraid I'd go to all that trouble only to find my images come back without any pretty colors.

  5. What a great idea to colour the lens, how fun!

  6. I was about to comment about the hue when I read you did it yourself. How cool! I love seeing how your film turns out when you alter it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Lovely photos. I looked for a FOLLOW button but I didn't see one.

  8. This is an amazing idea! I have a holga that I haven;t used in forever because I don't have film for it, but seeing what you have done really makes me crave film right now.

  9. That is such an awesome idea. I haven't useda disposable camera in a long time. This makes me want to go out and get one. I really like the picture of the red heels.

  10. Wow, i love so much your photos! You are so creative!
    I like really much the one with the pillow with giraffes!

    What do you think about following each other on Blogspot, Bloglovin and FB?

  11. Dawn, these are seriously incredible!! Love that you colored the lens with a Sharpie.. brilliant idea! And P.S. your blog makeover looks great :)

  12. How crafty you are! I love seeing Indy through someone else's eyes. Growing up in Haughville with downtown in a walkable distance (and remembering how gross and dirty downtown used to be) I find it so interesting to view my city and my families city with all of our history and values through others eyes.


  13. Oooh these are so unique and fun! Really loving these :) Especially the kitty cat nesting dolls!


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