Black Acre Brewing Co. is located in Irvington, just a few miles from downtown Indy. The brewery itself is a small, three-barrel electric brewing system in which specialty and seasonal drinks are created. But inside, in the seating area, Black Acre is welcoming, cozy even. I'm a fan of the industrial, appropriately-themed lighting fixtures, and am ever-fascinated by the deconstructed pallets that line the ceiling. Overall, the decor is clean, the beer (and wines and ciders) tasty.

On Saturday, Black Acre celebrated its first anniversary by tapping special, one-time brews throughout the day. Since my Hans is an acquaintance (i.e. old fraternity brother) of one of the owners, we made sure to visit. We sampled some drinks and talked with old friends. (Or, rather, I was introduced to yet another old fraternity brother, whom Hans caught up with.) The establishment was certainly a jolly one; seats were full, people navigated through chatty, happy groups of people. Party hats. Top hats. Sunglasses shaped like stars. Quite the party.

Black Acre one of our favorites; I highly recommend visiting. Every Monday, there is a special on Indiana/local beers, as well as a food truck. (Once, we had delicious Indian food from Spice Box.) And, on Tuesdays, there's trivia night, of which the lovely Anna has photos.


  1. Hey! Nice photos Dawn. And thanks for the link. That was super kind of you and you didn't need to do that.

    Have a good week!

  2. Really interesting pictures.


  3. I want to check this place out. I am shooting the wedding of the owner. We are doing the engagement session there :)


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