seven days a week

Okay, that's not actually true--I only used this photo because it has words. Lots of them. In fact, if you were to put my love of words and books into ratio form, it would like something like this: Me:words-on-words as most of the male population:girl-on-girl.

Honestly, though, I have been quite busy. Right now, I'm working seven days a week.Typically, our office finishes anywhere between 20 to 60 documents a day. Last week, however, we ended up sending 120 things to the printer. The amount of thinking that went into creating that many reams of paper was exhausting. And yet, we still have around 400 documents to finish before the General Assembly convenes next week. Busy, busy, busy indeed.

Earlier this evening, I went to the state library and met with the founder of Historic Indianapolis, a website for which I will be contributing starting later this month! I'll share with you later the photos and information I find but, for now, know that I had an excellent day: I handled both microfilm and card catalogs (a satisfying thing to do, especially since I just finished rereading "The Historian").

And, of course, the other things: the purchasing of a film camera (finally, if I can decide on which one), the redesigning of the blog. Things I need to share with you--my job, my 2012. A possibility of a monthly feature that mimics the activities of the two cities I both call "home"--Indy and Omaha. The keeping up with friends. The hanging of photos in my apartment, the cooking of new meals. Walks in the neighborhood. Brewery tours with the fiance and one of his oldest friends. Weekends planned with mine. Late night phone calls and Skype dates. 

Sometimes, friends, you just need to choose laughter and coincidences over this webbed world.

I'll see you soon.


  1. make some time for yourself in there, Dawn, i can't imagine working 7 days a week consistently! get it girl!

  2. It's great that you are working so hard! Sounds like 2013 is getting busy already. I can't wait to see you redesign your blog and I am sure your work with Historic Indianapolis will be fantastic!

    As for the purchase of the film camera, I would suggest getting a Diana over the Holga. It is a lot sturdier and there are some kinks with the Holga when it comes to taking photographs! There are also a lot of other film cameras out there of which I am not very familiar with sadly. I am excited to know which camera you choose!

  3. have to admit that first quote cracked me up. I'm sorry you're working so much- but 7 days a week can't be a good thing! make time for yourself...

  4. I found your site by accident. I love your words and the imagery. I'm glad you are here.


  5. Love your summary, it is heartwarming like everything you write.
    Hope you're taking care of yourself, you workaholic!
    Oh and I can't wait to see the photographs you take with your new film camera :)

    annie // WEMAKEPLANS

  6. Tell them to give you a break! I could not work 7 days a week. I have to have my 2 days off or I'd go crazy. You are like my superhero now. I can't wait to see more into your life though!

  7. Love that last line. By all means, go out and live! (And use your love of words to tell us about your adventures when you want to and can.) Good luck!

  8. Ahhh seems like you are crazy busy!! I got you on bloglovin so in case I miss you in the sea of blogs on my blogger scroll, I'll know when you post so I miss out on the awesomeness! =)

    Good luck for the assembly!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  9. Yes we must always make room for ourselves to live and experience life :)

  10. Hope all is well with you! I enjoyed your quotes and congrats on your film camera!


  11. The last days of Pompeii... The thought pops into my mind every once in a while. It was a childhood obsession, I've probably seen every documentary on the subject...

    The things you have planned for yourself sound amazing —the handling of microfilm, new film camera...!?
    I bet they won't feel like chores at all! :)

  12. Wow, sounds like you've started off 2013 motivated and incredibly busy :) Hope you're managing to find some rest though! And how exciting that you'll be contributing to Historic Indianapolis!! Congrats! xx

  13. As long as there are words involved, your journey is enviable, that's what I think.


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