One of my regular haunts is A Softer World, a web comic that specializes in irony and harsh truth.

Started in 2003 by Joey and Emily, A Softer World is "...in the tradition of George Simenon's 'romans durs' (or 'hard novels') and not in the lesser traditions of comics like Peanuts or anything else not French." Emily (whom you can follow on Twitter or Flickr), takes the photos and designs the comics. Joey (whom you can also find on Twitter), writes the comics.

Each "comic" is a three-paneled image with scattered words. Sometimes I get lost in the archives because I find that I am drowning in honesty, secrets, and quiet jokes. Furthermore, the steady presentation of each comic allows one to focus on the poetry of the few words that are used. What's more, the "punchline" of each comic is hidden in a subtle rollover; for example, "I have known many people in the biblical sense. I think. I haven't actually read it," rolls to "I did play the NES game at that Christian store in the mall."


If the goal is artistic genuis, I think they've found it.


  1. Even though I always say I just don't have time for it all, I'm always looking for something new. I have to check these out! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. Thanks for sharing. I started reading a softer world years ago but I never kept up with them. I really like their webcomics.

  3. In college, these were my guilty pleasure. I printed bunches of them out and taped them all over my dorm room. I only occassionally check ASW out now, but I really should get back into the habit.

  4. I love these, they're one of my favourite things. I really should print some out.

  5. I think you posted one of these on Facebook once and I liked the style. Thanks for sharing more. These are so funny and "dark". I can't wait to spend some time reading more.


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