Christmas bokeh

Earlier this month, the fiance and I went to YELP's City Bazaar, which, in Indianapolis, is held at City Market. It's an event full of vendors--they sell wine, food, homemade marshmallows, scarves, jewelry, clothes, you name it. It's an excellent blend of the vintage festivals I attend and handmade stores I visit. I'm beginning to communicate more with the vendors I see most often, and am eager to build relationships with them.

I didn't take that many photos while at City Market--it was chock-full of individuals, and I was more distracted by the items each vendor was selling. To escape the crowd, we bugged out a bit early and hiked the few blocks to Monument Circle--where (with the exception of the white Christmas tree), these photos come from.

Here is my post about downtown Indianapolis during Christmastime last year (there is a GIF of the same tree, though definitely not bokeh). And if you would like to see more photos from Indy's Monument Circle, check out Violet's blog. She, too, lives in Indianapolis. (Granted, my photos will never be of the same quality as hers!)


  1. i always think these type of photos are so magical and dream-like. they're lovely, Dawn!

  2. your photos of lights are so beautiful!

  3. I love bokehs. They remind me of when you daze off and your eyes go crossed and everything becomes blurry. I like to stare at Christmas trees and get lost in them and then eventually, the haze starts, and everything gets warm and blurry like this. I just love it!


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