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There be some new followers, I see! That said, some introductions are in order.

But first, thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to skim my rambling thoughts, my still-in-the-making photos. Thank you for all of your sweet comments, your thoughtful opinions. Thank you for making me smile or laugh each time I read them. Thank you for bringing support, encouragement, and inspiration to the blogging world, and for including me in your daily reads. Thank you.

Secondly, I be Dawn.

Physically, I'm growing out my bangs. The photo above is several months old (I'm just now starting to tuck my hair behind my ears again). I'm 5'10". I'm gangly. I describe my lengthy limbs as "orangutang arms" and my toes as "hobbit feet." On my driver's license, my eye color reads "hazel." In truth, my eyes are a rainbow of blues, grays, greens, and browns. My teeth are crooked, but white, and I bite my fingernails in nervous anxiousness.

Mentally, I'm a lover of words. When I was nine, I wrote a poem titled, "An Alligator is Eating My Head."  I'm a lover of handmade and homemade. I've never had a favorite color. When I was five, I wanted to be a zookeeper. When I was ten, I wanted to be a songwriter. Fifteen, a fashion designer. Eighteen, an editor. Now, at twenty-four, I want happily-ever-after. Used bookstores are my haven; the smells of time-worn covers, of dog-eared pages and wisdom.

Historically, I grew up in southwest Iowa, in a town of less than 1,000. I have a brother, a mother, and a father, all of whom live in Iowa in different towns. I also have a fiance who is from Indiana. He and I met in 2009 at Purdue University. We graduated from Purdue in 2011, got engaged a year later. I currently work as an editorial assistant in Indianapolis. He is currently working on his happily-ever-after (AKA the never-ending and often-disappointing search for employment).

And personally?  I'm quirky. I'm sarcastic. I'm random. And I care far too much about cats.

(one of my best friends, Zoë, and I)

Inherently, I'm passionate about people, about relationships. I enjoy networking, enjoy thinking of my future with my friends, my family, my fiance. I'm obsessed with the truth behind all actions, the raw human emotion that makes us tick. I blog for me, mainly, to remember both the big and the small, the happy and the sad, the struggles and the triumphs. It's my journal, my photographic memory of time.

And so, I must thank you for reading. Now, tell me a little something about yourself! Do you have a favorite color? A particular animal you swoon over? What is your favorite meme? Favorite book? The worst/best birthday present you've ever received?


  1. Hi Back! I'm very happy to be following your blog! My favorite color is cerulean because I love the word, I swoon over pandas, my favorite book is The Great Gatsby, my favorite quote is Gilda Radner's "It's always something" and hmmm I'm stumped on the worst bday present but the best was a pandora bracelet from my boyfriend. It's the first jewelry present I had ever received from a guy. It means the world to me. I like how you blog to remember things big and small...that's what I'm trying to do too! Have a great rest of the night!


  2. Hello! I'm so pleased I found your blog - it has kept me quite entertained when I should be studying! My favourite colour changes more often than I'd care to admit, but right now I'm loving navy blue, the perfect colour for fall, in my opinion! I swoon over hedgehogs, so much so that I got myself a little hedgie earlier this year.

    I can't wait to get started on making my ornament for the ornament swap!

  3. Fun and lovely introduction (and to the smell of used bookstores: yes.). Let me talk about my favorite color: red. I take after my grandmother in this department. In fact, since my pregnant belly has outgrown my winter coats, I am wearing her red one to get me through these next few months, and as she passed three years ago, I especially like the idea of keeping part of her close to me during this time. In other words, I love family, winter coats, red, and the power of memory.

    Happy day to you, Dawn!

  4. I very much enjoyed this post and getting to know a little more about you!

    Would you happen to have the alligator poem still? Haha It peaked my interest!!

  5. Hi Dawn! We'd love to see the alligator poem! ;) well, I'm Stephanie, my favourite colour is pink, I swoon over our Jack Russel Texas, & I love Looking For Alaska by John Green. Happy Monday :)

  6. Loved learning more about you in this post Dawn, and the bangs are adorable! If used bookstores are your haven, you have to make a visit to Shakespeare & Co in Paris someday... I've spent many afternoons there reading and browsing the shelves when I need some peace and quiet. It definitely has that comforting, musty smell of "time-worn covers, of dog-eared pages and wisdom," like you so eloquently described. If only I had your way with words :)

    Hmm a particular animal I swoon over? I too, am a crazy cat lover :) As in, I watch YouTube videos of cats!

  7. Hello :)
    I'm a new follower and I'm glad I found you! I'm the maker of fluffy things ( and I LOVE polka dots. My current favorite colors are gray and turquoise. I don't have the patience for bangs, so I think you're wonderful for being able to deal with those. I'm also allergic to cats :( I LOVE puppies, and my furbaby is a yorkie named Brody.

    Nice to meet you!

  8. I'm glad that I stopped by on a day that I got to know more about you. I don't have any particular animal fixations but my favorite book is called Fire and Hemlock and if you saw my copy you might think that I didn't care about the book at all because there are so many pages falling out that it definitely needs a glue job.

  9. Hihi, This post made me giigle a bit. I think it's you way of writing, i like it! I've been growing out my bangs too. It's taken me forever! And now I'm thinking to cut them back... x

  10. Haha, I'm giggling too! Hi! I'd say my favorite color is green, or turquoise. I love my little puppy the best, I may be biased, but she's the sweetest animal that ever lived! ;) I can't think of a specific meme off the top of my head, but I did enjoy the call me maybe ones....oh man, please don't hit me. Favorite book, could I pick just one? No, but I haven't really ever read the same book twice, I really enjoy finding new gems the most I think! Worst birthday present was a pair of very cheapy boots. The person had been building up the gift so much, and I was so excited only to find a pair of cheapy boots that had the soles glued very noticeably to the shoe...I would have rather had a cute card! :)

    Nice to meet you! Thanks for making me smile today!

  11. what a beautiful introduction. and that first photo is stunning. nice to meet you.

  12. What a fun little intro! I feel like I know more about you now than many blogs I've followed for awhile yet it was fairly short. Hope you enjoy your thanksgiving with all the lovely people and things u have to be grateful for.


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