15 quirky, snarky, & handmade Christmas cards


I hope my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I spent much of my day eating and, when I wasn't eating, I spent my time driving to other destinations. In total, I attended three Thanksgivings; there was much turkey, green beans, noodles, macaroni and cheese, pie, more pie, stuffing, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, roasted red potatoes, wine, water, gluttony. Delicious, delicious gluttony.

That said, I don't think I'll be attending three meals anytime in the future. The food was wonderful and the company likewise, but I was very rushed from one home to the next. Hello. Visit. Eat. Play with babies. Drive. Rush rush rush. Hugs. Visit. Eat. Visit. Watch TV. Drive. Rush rush rush. Drive for two hours. Eat. Visit. Laugh. Play with babies. Goodbye.

That said, my refrigerator is entirely full of tasty leftovers. I'm not going to have to cook much this weekend, that's for sure.

Now that the annual feast is over, I'm turning my attention to Christmas. I have some ideas on how I'd like to decorate my apartment ... if I ever get any of the boxes in my living room put away. I would also like to acquire a tree; I may purchase a small real one, but am considering a small fake one. There is the possibility that I may be able to use a larger artificial tree as well. We'll see. But, no matter what, I plan on having some sort of tree-like object in my living room. I honestly cannot wait to decorate it; I'm going to have to settle for the few ornaments I have but, if I had unlimited funds, I'd nest maroon, felt ribbon within its branches. Bury misshapen metal stars in the needles and hang natural ornaments of cinnamon and citrus. Actual strings of popcorn. Strands of ruby beads that resemble cranberries. A rustic, campy, natural tree. Perfect.

Speaking of decorating trees, it's Nov. 24; that means anyone who is participating in the ornament swap should have their ornaments in the mail! If you haven't sent yours yet, make sure you post it today!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend; I'm certainly enjoying my four days off. I'm going to be visiting a vintage and handmade fair today, where I hope to pick up some Christmas presents for my family and friends. After that, I'm going to be hitting up "Handmade Promenade," which is a pop-up shop in Indianapolis. It features dozens of local artists and their handmade creations, and it will be "running" for only the five weeks before Christmas. I'm an avid supporter for small, local, and handmade businesses, so I'm very eager to be shopping today.

Speaking of small, local, and handmade, check out these Christmas cards (all of which can be found on Etsy). It's true; I'm an emotive, sentimental individual ... but when it comes to greeting/holiday cards, I settle on those that are snarky, quirky, personal, perfect.

I'm a frequent shopper of Julie Ann Art, and I'm always happy to see new designs in her shop. However, I've actually been eyeing this card for a year now! Luckily, Julie has a sale in her shop this weekend; you can get a pack of 10 cards for just $15.00 (so, $1.50 for each card). Check out her "Light that shit up" card, as well as her "You're My Favorite" line.

This shop has some pretty fantastic cards. There's a card titled "Cotton-headed ninny-muggins." And then there's this one.

This card continues with the "Home Alone" theme. I actually picked this one up for my brother (that means you have to keep this one a secret, sister-in-law)!

I really love the brown of this card, the thick parchment. I typically wrap all of my Christmas presents in parcel paper. It's an old, plain look that stands out among the sometimes shiny and garish wrapping paper we use today.

This sounds like a lyric my mom and I would sing. We are fans of concocting new lyrics for songs. 

It's hand-drawn. It's different. It has a snake in a scarf. And it reminds me of a vintage children's novel, "Crictor."

As you can tell, I like the hand-drawn look. It's personal, yes, but the sketches themselves are an excellent way to display different typography. The variations in font sizes and shapes are intriguing. And here, the colors are so peaceful. It's a pretty, pastel card that recalls various carols.

Creepy Santa definitely got a laugh out of me. The other items in this store, called Sweet Perversion, are also sarcastic and suggestive.

Again with hand-drawn, worthy-of-a-smile cards. It reminds me of the song "The Twelve Pains of Christmas." "Rigging up these lights" is the "second pain of Christmas" on the list, which also includes "finding a Christmas tree," "facing my in-laws," and "batteries not included." 

Cats! In hats! On cards! Purrfect. (Zoë, GET ME THIS.)

I know the Ball jar theme is getting old, but that doesn't mean I'm still somewhat attracted to these and their packaging.

No, I can't.

I'm desperate to find a sweater with a similar pattern portrayed on these cards. I'm also thinking of acquiring some fabric and turning it into ornaments. ... but, then again, I think too much.

It's just not Christmas without the leg lamp.

Remember to mail your ornaments! Have a good weekend, and make sure to support Small Business Saturday!


  1. Best selection ever. These totally kill me! I snorted and giggled so many times I had to show the post to hubs. He also snorted and giggled.

  2. Delicious gluttony is the best, isn't it? :) I think I just might have to cook Thanksgiving food this weekend to satisfy my cravings since there was a serious lack of pumpkin pie during my cycling trip in Australia!!

    And your round-up of these adorable cards just made my Friday, thanks Dawn! xx

  3. My ornament is in the mail, and I posted the photos on my blog :)

  4. Those cards are amazing. Thanks for sharing. I need to check these out. Oh and I also posted about the ornament swap with a photo of my ornament I sent. (:


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