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It's going to be a busy weekend, so I'll probably be absent for a few more days. And, since I was already scarce earlier this week, I thought I'd go ahead and present you with these--ten photo blogs you should be following. Take a look over the weekend; they're fantastical, beautiful, stunning. They evoke wanderlust, nostalgia, and inspiration. Happy reading ... er, admiring.

Mouth-watering gorgeousness. ... that's really all you need to know. For your benefit, however, I'll add this: Christine lived in Paris for a year, where she cultivated language, cooking and, of course, photography. Though she currently lives in New York, she's in the middle of planning a move back to Paris this winter. Her wintertime Paris photos will, undoubtedly, be as stunning as her autumn ones. To top things off, she has mesmerizing photos of New Zealand spiderwebs, of enchanting, cozy Montreal tea houses. In other words, this blog makes me want to drool all over my keyboard.

Anna is a true "blogger friend"--as in, one I have actually met in person. I "found" her late last fall, and was immediately drawn to her images of Indianapolis. It was wonderful to see the same city through the eyes (and the viewfinder) of someone else. You'll see a lot of biking adventures (which make me feel lazy), and the occasional post about Kong Cat. Overall, her images are soft, yet straight-forward and expertly framed. Personally, I always want to see more of Anna's photos because she gives items an intriguing distance--you are seeing the action, the object. You're watching it happen, digging yourself into the palette of softness and muted hues. But it isn't enough. You're never able to fully wrap yourself into it. It's addicting.

I've followed Taiwan-based Katie for awhile now, and I've watched her blog transform from a curation of adorable images to a portfolio of her own wonderful pictures. She specializes in analog photography, and--with her friendly and welcoming nature--she guides everyone through her use of various films and cameras (all of which are displayed on the home page). You'll often see photos of cafes and lovable animals. She also features vintage photos of her family--they're fantastic and personal. And be sure to check out Katie's shop, too; she stocks the cutest fabric creations. (I actually have one of her rings.)

Elle's blog is "analog, not digital. Sentimental, not disposal." Her photos are truly beautiful, and I usually end up staring at each one for several minutes, staring at color, contrast, shapes. The subtle grain in her photos is romantic. Her blog, to me, is very airy, and it is one of several that inspires me to purchase my own LC-A. Sometimes, at the end of a post, Elle includes lyrics from a song (and she definitely has good taste in music). Another selling point? Elle--a self-described "cat lady"--shares with her readers both Polaroids and pictures of cats.

I love Rhianne, and I love her blog, which I started following about a year ago. She's another wonderful analog photographer who transports her readers throughout England. (Check out her photos of Paris, too. Her detailed series of Arc de Triomphe photographs are worth admiring.) Overall, Rhianne has an amazing collection of cameras and films, which are all subject to her creative analysis. Want to learn about Holgas? Ask Rhianne. The benefits of a Diani Mini? Read her review. And the films? There's color. Texture. Hues. Vignetting. Softness. Vibrancy. In other words, Rhianne's blog is an excellent learning tool; if you're interested in analog photography, I recommend connecting with her.

Little Pink Cakes is a Germany-based photography blog that features both analog and digital images. It is just over a year old, and is a site I started following only a few weeks ago, after connecting to it through For the easily distracted. Little Pink Cakes features various Berlin establishments (read about the startling visit to Arthhouse Tacheles), as well as gorgeous, golden images of the countryside. I enjoy visiting this site because it gives me the opportunity to "experience" various European cultures and hotspots. It's not every day I see such vibrant photos of Cannes.

I am blown away by the images collected here. They are darkly romantic, exhilarating and haunting. Ethereal. The posts can be fantastical, curious, or magical. Misma's sparse words follow the same pattern. "And now the weather's warming up. Blossoms are blooming on trees I cannot see. ... I miss blossoms so much I want to bury my face in huge handfuls." Truly, whenever I stop here, I find myself swimming in Old World imagination. The alchemy Misma puts into creating images is amazing, and her results are beautifully warped.

I started looking at Stefany's site after seeing it mentioned in a post on Busy Bee Lauren. It didn't take me long to become a fan. A few posts was all it took. Stefany is witty and takes striking photos. Her blog is clean and without distraction, so you really marvel at what she presents--raw, human soul. Her life appears to be filled with white sheets, fishtail braids, sunshine, gauzy dresses, a fluffy cat, mouth-watering breakfasts, and hardcover books. Stefany also wears a fantastic red beret. So, in other words, her blog is heaven for all those who dream.

I recently started following this blog, which is managed by Alex and Mina, a husband-wife duo who reside in "la belle province." Though they are based in Montreal, their blog is one of travel--of adventure, of peculiar and mundane and extraordinary. I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago, and instantly fell in love with the images. Rich colors, heavy with textures with blossoming nature. Believe me, you'll be amazed; your wanderlust will ever-grow when you see some of the cities they've traveled to--Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg, Brussels, Paris, Tokyo, Las Vegas.

Annie is a pretty cool comrade in the blogging world. I've been stalking her for over a year now, and always get over-excited when I see new photos of her native Sydney. Her blog is chock-full of human expression--laughter, smiles, moments of both the mundane and the surprising. As Annie says, "I love the feeling I get when I hear fireworks; the flutter! pop! zing! feeling. It's the same feeling you get when you find something, or someone, that you really love. Most of all, I love chasing after those moments in life and trying to capture them."


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Dawn. You're so nice to include us in this list.

  2. So happy to be included in your list! Thank you very much! And now I will go and browse the other nine - they look really interesting!

  3. What a great list and I haven't seen a few of those either which is awesome, I can't wait to check them out. Thank you so much for your kind words too :) x

  4. Dawn, you're so sweet!! Thanks so much for including me amongst all of these beautiful blogs! Hopefully my wintertime Paris photos won't disappoint ;)

    and p.s. I absolutely love your writing in this post :)

  5. Oooh Anna and Candidly Clyde are my favorites :) Daily reads...

    1. And now I have fallen in love with more. This is an awesome list Dawn! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Thanks for making this list. I'm already following some of these, and I'll be sure to add the rest on bloglovin :)

  7. Thanks for posting this list. I was on the lookout for more amazing photography blogs to follow!

  8. These are amazing thanks for the great introductions!x

  9. Thanks for putting this list together! So many beautiful blogs to spend time admiring! Can't wait to view them all.

  10. great suggestions, checking them now :D


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