all hallows' eve

First, I hope that everyone affected by Sandy is safe. There were so many factors--the hurricane, the nor'easter, the high tide brought on by the full moon. I've been thinking of all those I know in the East--from Massachusetts to North Carolina, to D.C. and even Canada. I hope that everyone had the resources they needed to keep themselves and their families and friends safe. Please know I am thinking of you. Today may be a holiday--a night of frolic and imagination--but the sweets and the costumes come second to the havoc Frankenstorm wrecked. 

Sandy, however, has certainly given us a Halloween to remember! It's encouraged terrorizing adrenaline and suspense. And, like always, Halloween is about mystery, superstition and urban legends. Personally, I've always enjoyed dressing up; through the years, I've been a variety of things--Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, the evil queen from Snow White, Cleopatra, a variety of witches. I even went as Captain Hook one year (thanks to my unending love for the movie Hook, as well as my mom's sewing skills). Though I won't be able to do much for Halloween this year (I'm starting my new job today), I've still been able to ritually watch TV classics and allow myself to be intrigued (and a little spooked) by these images.

Have a Happy Halloween! You should check out Julie's costume; she always has creative and admirable ideas. And look at Josh Sundquist's, too; he went as the leg lamp! What are your costume plans for this year?


  1. I loved looking through all of these images! Happy Halloween, Dawn!

  2. Great spooky images and congrats on the new job!

    Sandy was not fun. And actually, I guess it isn't over for a lot of folks. They just sent out a notice to us that there will likely be continued flooding in our area until Friday afternoon because of the water levels + high tide combination that you mentioned. We should be fine in our neighborhood, but it's still unsettling to keep getting these notices; even when you think it's over, it's not over. I was telling someone else earlier that the worst part is the sort of prolonged collective anxiety that's in the air. So many worried people has a palpable effect. Hopefully, cute kids in costumes will lighten everyone's spirits today. :)

  3. What an awesome collection of spooky images! You had me at "apple dripping poison".
    The hurricane gave us all a strange Halloween...


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