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A week ago, Hans and I hosted his dad and step-mom. We took them to a few antique stores, the last of which was in Irvington. The store was a vivid blue, and I spent more time outside the store than I did inside. I also popped off my lens and experimented with freelensing. I enjoy the direct focus, and the pinkish hues that creep into the shot. It's a technique I definitely want to keep playing with. The last two photos, however, are from downtown Indy, and are happy accidents.

Happy Friday, friends. What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I love those baby heads on that bright blue wall. All great shots!

  2. Dawn! These pics are stunning! And what is this about Indy? Is that where you live? Because if so we are practically neighbors as I live in Kokomo (I am trying not to let myself get too excited about the idea of having a new bloggy friend close)
    When you popped onto my blog (thank you for introducing yourself!) you asked how tall I was... Well, my dear, you could totally wear heels if we ever get to hang out because I'm 6' Crazy, yeah?
    You also asked what documentaries I watch... All are from netflix instant play but if you would like to see specifics here are a couple posts I did about some:

    Hopefully you find a couple on that list that your fiance will find interesting!

  3. I love the blues of the wall and how well they match with your skirt.

    <3 Melissa

  4. Dawn, I just realized now that blogger didn't have me following you anymore. I kept wondering why your posts were never showing up on my dash!
    Anywho, these photos are beautiful! I love the blues in each picture.

  5. My gosh, I love all these photos! You have got some serious talent! I am so jealous :P

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  6. wow that's really cool! nice colors! i'm not sure i've heard of freelensing before. I'll read about it now I guess.. thanks for sharing!


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