please don't wake up

I'm moving to Canada.

Actually, that's a lie; it would be more correct to say that, in my dreams, I am moving to Canada.

Friends, I cannot express my deep interest in the country, my respect for their cities and their taxes, their openness and diversity and their use of energy and transportation. I fell in love with it, readers, fell deeply in love with it and Toronto. My friends, my traveling companions and best friends, are as intensely smitten as I am. Before we even crossed back over, before we were even 20 kilometers into its border, we knew. We knew we had to come back, come back and begin our adventures there, our adventures as a threesome. A threesome with penchants for road trips, books, ethnic food, and coarse language.

It could very well be only a dream, but I wholly and utterly wish for more.


  1. I've never been but from what I've seen/heard/read, it seems great. If you love it that much, then you should try to move there. I really hope you get that chance! :)

  2. I've never been in Canada but I know that it's an amazing country and I really want to visit it one day in my future :)

  3. I will say... from living in both Ontario, and Alberta, Canada has an abundance of diverse beauty to explore!!


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