a victorian steampunk wedding?

It's less than two months to my wedding now. I'm in shock, still. In reality, it was not long ago that we were engaged, not long ago that he dropped to his knee, asked if I would give him the honor of being his bride. All the same, that day seems so long ago, especially after our difficulties in selecting a reception area, and my indecisiveness in selecting a dress. We have the basics down--we secured venues, a DJ, a pastor, a date, a time, a "minstrel," my dress, a photographer, within one month. However, we have yet to secure the rentals (chairs, mostly, and other things we may need, such as silverware or tablecloths or even an archway). More importantly, our caterer is yet to be booked. I am a bit frantic, a lot worried, about finding one, and am especially frenzied about supplying enough food to feed our special-diets, our vegetarians, our diabetics. To top things off, I have yet to see our reception venue. (We booked it solely on trust; my Hans visited it one day and sent me photos. I agreed it to it; it had an outdoor feel, had its own tables and chairs, a full kitchen. It had less rules, too, which was especially beneficial to us, a somewhat non-traditional couple.)

There is much to do.

Back in Iowa for a couple of weeks, I have been spray-painting, cutting, snipping, pasting, licking (stamps, that is). I have also punched holes, strung, stared, pondered, worried.

Worried and worried and worried. (I know it is useless to, but I do it anyway.)

And stare at pictures. Stare and wonder if our wedding will be just as magical, just as romantic, just as elegantly whimsical as the ones pictured below. I was always drawn to the old; interested in the rustic and the antique. It is incredibly popular now, yes, which is a bit unfortunate. However, those items and that feel, that "rustic chic," that "antique charm," is us. With Hans's suggestion that the wedding be a blend of Victorian and steampunk (something that his interests really balance), I've found some inspiration.

Found things that embody him, represent me. Stand for what we like, prefer, enjoy. Old. Respected. Dated. Intelligent. Elegant. Whimsical. Romantic. Outdoor. Fairy-like. Woods. Wooden. Industrial. Cyclical. Rustic. Typographical.

... I only hope that our wedding be as photogenic as these ...

I think outdoor ceremonies are magical. To me, it is incredibly beautiful to be married outside, surrounded by natural elegance.

(I saw this photo here. I had a hard time searching through the photographer's archives to find this exact photo. There is a very similar one in this gallery, however.)

I actually sent out my invitations this past week. I can't wait to show them to you, can't wait to post what they were inspired by. However, they will have to wait until after the wedding. I am eager to share my inspiration and ideas, but wish to divulge our true intentions only after the big day.

(If anyone knows the original source of this image, I would very much like to have it. I saw the photo here, but there isn't even a link to the pin.)

Ball jars and vases, doilies and books. You can never have too many books.


Silhouettes? Yes, please.

As I said, you can never have too many books.

Hans was especially interested in finding scales to use.

I, however, am especially interested in finding a typewriter.

In addition to the photo at the very beginning of this post, these next two photos came from a wedding centered around steampunk. It is Hans's favorite wedding post, and one of my favorite places to steal ideas from. It was fantastical and imaginative, that wedding, and I love the little touches.

Another source of inspiration featured a black and white wedding shoot I greatly admire.

I truly hope it comes together.


  1. wow.. thanks for clarifying the style of this wedding. i've always wondered what it was. it's pretty too... i can't decide if i want this kind of wedding when i renew my vow. lol! also, thank you for the lovely comment! i was stoked to find out that you wore the same thing but it reverse! that's awesome!

  2. So much inspiration to find in all the images. I do love the rustic... would love to have that old typewriter:) Must be really exciting times for you righ now. Would love to see your wedding photos after your big day:))

  3. Your wedding is going to be so lovely! Can't wait to see it :) Best of luck with your last couple months of preparations!

  4. Wow, this is beautiful! I just love al the details. I know its crazy for you now, but I kind of want to go back and do it all over again!

  5. I had the same worries a few months before the wedding! Right around when I sent invitations out, it suddenly seemed so real. But honestly, once it actually got to the wedding, I didn't care about the decorations or little details very much. You won't even have time to notice them at the reception or wedding itself, you'll be too busy enjoying such an amazing day. :)

  6. thank you for the sweet comment on my blog :) these photos are stunning. it must be so stressful planning a wedding, but I'm sure it will be absolutely perfect!!xo

  7. I'm sure everything will work out just right. And when you're there on the day surrounded by your friends and family, if there are any little details that aren't perfect you will hardly notice. :)

  8. Hey there! Thank you so much for featuring my wedding on your site! I wish I had seen it before! I hope everything on your wedding day was magical. If you have any questions, I can be found on my website at www.misstak.com Also, my husband and I plan on opening our etsy shop soon with tons of steampunky-fairy-woodlandy things! yay! <3

  9. The invitation design you featured is an older version of our Steamside design (by Royal Steamline): http://royalsteamline.com/product/invitations/steamside/

    We appreciate you adding the credit!

    1. First, thank you for visiting and for commenting. I appreciate it. I was happy to show off your beautiful work. I am intensely attracted to vintage and antique typography (like what you see on the Sanborn Maps), so your wedding invitations were, for me, a dream. I clicked through to your site and looked at the other versions as well; all of them are wonderful. It was no problem at all to give credit; it is due, deserved, and expected of me. I never want to share something for which I can't give proper credit. Again, thanks for visiting! Keep up the fantastic and fanciful work!


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