the green

When I lived in Boone, one of my favorite places to visit was Ledges State Park (I even shot part of an engagement shoot there). Ledges has a valley that opens to the Des Moines River, and there are miles upon miles of hiking trails that lead you up and around the Iowa sandstone. On one of my last visits there, I hiked the "Lost Lake" trail, which first leads you to a stagnant pool. However, after an additional of hiking through the mulch, you finally reach the actual lake (which is more of a glorified pond, of course). It was utterly peaceful there; all I could hear were birds, insects, bullfrogs. My grassy footsteps were the only thing that disturbed any of the natural wonder.

This trip further cemented my choice to have an outdoor wedding. The trees were green, the grass was vivid. Shade and sunlight interspersed, and I knew that there would not be a more beautiful place to hold our ceremony. For we are all held in awe when it comes to the natural world.

Some experimenting with freelensing.


  1. These photos are beautiful! Wow. I'm jealous of all this greeeeen.

  2. I love that picture of those ants on those yellow flowers. I know I already commented but I noticed them when I looked again.


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