Things are moving too quickly. Days pass, weeks fly, hours and minutes and seconds tick and tick and disappear until, suddenly, a hazy orange glow begins to fill my apartment. The sun lows, and I know it is time for work. Noon is my eight, three is my one. Clouds, wind, leaves, buds, soil and dust and ash ... I cannot grasp them. I could go outside, lay in the stiff, tall grass and gaze at the sky. It would be nothing other than a fast-forward; a blur of motion and air and darkness and sunshine and flashes. I would blink, then blink again. The sound of thunder would crescendo, then compress. Gone. Gone is the day. Gone is the afternoon.

I cannot make time stand still.


  1. I understand perfectly your feelings!
    Time moves too quickly... I would like to find my way but it seems that this life is too short and I have to move faster and faster.
    Life is beautiful but sometimes it is very hard and I have to use all my capabilities to face it in the best way..

  2. That's a cool gif! Makes me think of summertime. I love the last line you said. So poetic sounding.


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