Candy Hearts & Cupids

Because nothing says Valentine like a Valentine Narwhal. Or a Valentine Octopus.

This is creepy. ... no, funny. Wait ... no, I'm going to revert back to creepy. I mean, her baggy socks look like pants, which means it looks like her pants are down. Also, the valentines here all come from a woman on Flickr, who posted photos of her mother's valentines from 1939.

If you like this type of art or decoration, you should look at Jane Foster's shop. She also has a blog that features all of the designs she makes (and subsequently samples on her daughter). She's really into vintage fabrics, and there are some pretty cool Scandinavian ones she finds.


  1. Great post! The socks-girl is creepy, it's not just you, haha.

    P.S. You should totally travel to Canada. Banff National Park is gorgeous in the summer time (if you're less of a winter-gal), and I can give you all the local hot-spots that aren't so tourist-y too. ;)

  2. It's like an overload of cuteness! I love it!

    P.S. The girl saying "Tie a string around your finger...", Well I thought her socks were panties around her ankles at first. HAHA.

  3. CUTE! I love the franks one most I think :D


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