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I'm alive, truly, and I have much to say. Unfortunately, today is not the day for reciting tales of moving, for sharing my stresses and worries and wonders about my first real job. I have been here, in my first apartment--an upstairs efficiency in an 1898 Victorian home--for just over a week. Until yesterday, I was without Internet, and I found it difficult to check anything, to write anything or share information or respond to individuals when I could nab only a few minutes, a few seconds, between stories and pages and deadlines. So today, I share only some photos--some images of the town in which I now work. Most photos, honestly, are from a corner store--one on Main and Burnett--that housed Christmas trees and all of their decor. I have not been in it since the time of my interview, so I do not know what it now boasts.

The buildings are old, the streets are narrow. During the day, there is a reasonable amount of people hobbling the old streets, peering into windows of antique shops and hustling to coffee hours. There are Thai restaurants, Subways, bars, breweries, and heavenly chocolate stores with gelato. Both the library and the post office are nearby, and it is here--adjacent to luxury children's clothes and quilting supply stores and British food markets--that I work.


  1. What a pretty shop! That chocolate looks awesome.

  2. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. =)

    I love the photo of the white tree and Christmas ornaments. It's absolutely gorgeous!

  3. You're making me miss Ames so much!! I hope you're enjoying your new home. Hopefully you're making some new friends... I know Ames can kind of suck when people aren't around to hang out with.

  4. So....you have a new job! :)
    However...I understood that you move to another city, isn't it?
    I hope that you can find your new balance in this place and you can make new friends.
    Good luck for this new challenge :)

    Buon 2012 dall'Italia :)

  5. The last photo is unbelievable!!

  6. HOLY COW AMES? I have spent SO much time in Ames and Boone. My family is from there. Wow, this post just made my whole day!

  7. That fifth glittery picture down is just stunning. I want a print of it to hang up next Christmas season! The chocolates look positively dangerous!!


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