We're on Good [Search] Terms

Blog stats be fun.*

*deliberate subject-verb disagreement.

My favorite things to check are the referring websites, as well as the search words used to find my blog. Referring sites include Google, of course, as well as Wordless Wednesday. However, Specialised Class Action Lawsuit has appeared once (which, of course, makes me ridiculously nervous), as well as an online business degree (I do not have a business degree, nor do I ever want one; WHY AM I THERE) site with a ".uk" URL. What I am most amused and confused by is the fact that I have multiple referrals from Goats On Stuff. (No need to explain further; go and have a look yourself. You'll find lots of goats standing on a variety of objects.)

I've got some popular posts, the most common being Ben-Day Dots. At the time, I was doing research for a stage makeup class, and was considering Lichtenstein's work for a final project. Little did I know that, every week, dozens of people would search for "Lichtenstein," "Ben-Day dots," "Lichtenstein dots," "face painting dots," "Lichtenstein makeup," or "face of the dots." It's even linked through "hyper realistic face painting." Three of the more original searches that led to the same post included "circle pixels" and the elaborate "girl face crying dot shading" and "old fashion comic characters dot printing."

Other popular searches include the straight-forward "Natalie Irish" and "Patrick Doughtery" (whose work I have seen in two cities now).

Every sentence and configuration you can think of including the word "bohemian" has been used to find Bohemian Attractions (which was the result of doing research for costume design).

The other top posts concern RAGBRAI, which is the annual bike ride across the state of Iowa. I posted a typical post to introduce the event, which I followed with a personal reaction.

However, the more interesting list of search terms is listed below:

--"vintage patriotism"
--"how to teach your cat french" and "101 uses for a dead cat" both lead to this post
--"jesse morrell hooters"
--"dog belt mouth" (I was curious to see what this yielded; I saw muzzles and doggie seat belts)
--"no. 3 no. 4 sock animal"
--"clied postsecret" (My blog appears first because I did go to a PostSecret event while at the University of Iowa.)
--"lisa frank cross stitch"
--"S.C. Purdue" and "Class of 50 purdue statues" lead to this post
--"color blocking 2011"
--"steam punk style"
--"garbage smells good"
--"people taking off the sunglasses"
--"donut cupcake wallpaper"
--"octagonal leaves vine w/sticky flowers (I have a feeling this leads to the post about our spring break trip, when we encountered the "penis leaves.")
--"pretend and play medical kit"
--"crazy skittle sculptures"
--"what connotation does the name Smitty have"


  1. haha how odd. I looked at the goats standing on things. I just don't know how they got you from any of that. Funny :)



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