Sunlight over Social Media

At a time when most words seem to have an ulterior motive, I have decided to remain honest here. It is difficult not to get caught in the whirlwind addictions of Pinterest and Twitter. I don’t doubt that inspiration and connections are taken from these sites. However, they are also a source of selfishness and social worries. What is my Klout score? How many followers do I have? Is anyone reading this? If I post this, what will people think? I want to be as popular as her/as famous as him/retweeted as often/liked as much.

Sometimes, I don’t understand why some individuals can be so obsessed with numbers. “I have 1,500 friends and only 20 percent wished me ‘Happy Birthday?’”

Why should anyone expect a certain amount?

On that note, I am glad that some bloggers participate in a meme called “Honest to Blog.” They speak of numbers, of copying, of feelings and truth. Honest words. I am still slightly discouraged, though, because I almost sense that these same bloggers are hesitant to post their inner workings on days without a meme. Why should they be scared of what they feel and think and participate in?

Unfortunately, I think that is why a lot of bloggers get accused of being falsities—they are accused of posting for an audience, and not for themselves.

It is very hard not to be distracted, not to be enveloped in others’ sharing, not to be thinking of a witty pun to include in 140 characters. It’s hard not to share posts about design and inspiration. However, there is no reason why one individual should second guess their outfit, their posts, their ideas or their crafts because “this person has it” or “that person already did that” or “if I do this, someone will think I’m copying.” With abundant social media, hardly anything is original; people do have similar ideas and, if I were to spend 10 hours handcrafting Christmas ornaments, I would not be surprised to find hundreds of other individuals with similar decorations.

It’s also hard for me to give up social networks because of the industry for which I have worked. Most individuals want hard news with instant gratification, so to work with newspapers and say “I don’t have a blog/Twitter/Facebook/Google+/LinkedIn/Klout score/Tumblr/feature on Bloglovin’/Etsy shop/fan page/fan page for my cat” is a condemnation. In the end, I probably should keep things that I feel may be jeopardizing my privacy … or my free time.

I don’t want to miss life, miss the changing of the leaves, the smell of a freshly cooked meal, a sunset, a laugh with Hans, an evening out, a day spent in, a phone call from a friend, streaks of sunlight on the carpet … I don’t want to miss any of it. At the end of the day, those are the things I see and sense and feel and taste; and, no matter the number of followers, no matter the number of retweets, no matter the highs and lows of Klout, social networks cannot replicate my sensual experiences.


  1. So true! Social Media consumes my life too. I feel like in the industry we both work in it has to though. I have a friend who is a social media strategist and it's legitimately all she does.

  2. I agree. I know I spend way too much time on social media that I don't know how the bloggers with thousands of followers find spare time to even live. I like the whole Honest to Blog series but I always feel like it does suck that you can't just open and honest that you have to label it first so people can prepare for your "out-spokenness". I'm not gonna lie, I rant alot. I have opinions and I care to speak them but I usually do that on my personal fbook(I'm not always whiny, don't get me wrong). I thought about doing an HTB feature but I didn't want to show people the "negative" side to things or for people to think I rant too much. But if it's your blog you should say what goes on in your mind. Blogging gets too over analyzed to where you're right, you try to think of witty comments to leave hoping you left a good impression and that can really feel crappy. I just try to talk to someone like I would if they were in person and I knew them. I try not to over think what I post or worry if someone else beat me to it, bc I know, 100% that someone already has. That's life. Sorry, I'm rambling. But I agree with what you said.



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