First Attempt

Angsty and armed with a camera, I asked anyone from my hometown region if they would be interested in a miniature photo shoot. It was September, a gorgeous month, and I was in need of practice. I am most familiar with objects and old buildings, abstractions and oddities. What I attempt to capture are the small things, the inane and everyday sights and sounds that we see, but not fully acknowledge. However, not everyone is interested in the intricacies of soybeans, the small town graffiti you find in unexpected places, and the not so recognizable photos that make you go, "Yes ... but, what is it?" I knew I needed experience--lots of it, truthfully--and so I was delighted when my cousin offered to be a model.

Having said that, here are a few of the results of my first-ever portrait session.


  1. how fun, expanding your photo horizons! i love the first and last ones. and the one with the stash, the boots and the bridge.

  2. The top one is my favorite! I'm addicted to lens flare right now... a confessed addict. I did a shoot a few weeks ago and I'm pretty sure every shot had one, which might be bad haha!

    People are fun to photograph, keep asking people! I always feel like I get to know someone better after taking them out.

  3. This turned out fantastic! You definitely have a way of capturing light in such a perfect way. And I am soo feeling what you said about taking pictures of inanimate objects; whilst I find it fun to take pictures of an interesting looking rock, some people don't share the same excitement! But none of my friends want to model for me either...your post definitely encourages me to get more shots of people though.


  4. Those are amazing!! i'm always impressed by's never been my strong suit!

  5. I love your dress!! (:
    U R amazing!!


  6. You did really good! I finally got my friend to agree to let me take photos of her at the end of the month because I want the practice. The 2nd to last is my fave!



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