Abandoned Indiana

The following photos were taken along U.S. Highway 40, the "National Road." Depending on which direction you are heading, the road is eastward or westward, paralleling Interstate 70 through Indianapolis, Cumberland, Philadelphia/Spring Lake and Greenfield.

In addition to a few roadside oddities, there are abandoned barns, farms, hotels and apartments. Hundreds, even thousands of cars, pass by each of these forgotten buildings every day. I doubt anyone bothers to actually look at many of these places; to them, they are a familiar eyesore, the exact opposite of what worthwhile scenery is and should be.

To me, they are perfect.


  1. great pics! I'm from Indiana and can appreciate the beauty in them!!


  2. These photos are amazing! Honestly, you are so talented. My favourite is the one of the flamingos.

  3. That last pic with the signs is amazing and the Persimmons place is super cool. These are truly super cool to look at. I love run down buildings kinda because they are forgotten by others. You get to look,photograph,explore,and appreciate them by yourself and not have to worry about other people ruining it or getting in the way. Idk, these are just cool.


  4. The pictures are beautiful. They make me feel oddly nostalgic. It makes me wonder what kind of people used to live there and why they left.


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