Tickled Pink

I'm in Indiana now. Yes, Indiana--the state from which I left months ago and to which my return was unsure. After 11 hours of driving, five pit stops, 626 miles and a time change, I'm here. I have no furniture, no bedding, no lamps or dressers or books or games. Instead, I have the necessities: I have clothes, rubber spatulas and duct tape.

I couldn't be happier, especially since I am now the owner of a spoon ring.

... let me back up.

Hans took me to the Riley Festival today, which we both greatly enjoyed. The day can best be summed up in these words: sore feet, countless vendors, well-timed photographs and a watered-down Mountain Dew. In other words, my Hoosier boyfriend welcomed me back to the Hoosier lifestyle by taking me to a festival celebrating the life and accomplishments of a famous Hoosier.

It was wonderful, and I'm tickled pink.


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