Mariell Amélie Revisited

I posted some of Marielle Amélie's photos a couple of weeks ago. I chose to revisit her because she has several haunting photos that seemed appropriate, given the approaching Halloween holiday.

They are stalkingly skeletal, frighteningly captured. Frozen moments of solitude and fear and solemness. Particular photos mimic infamous scenes from Stephen King's imagination, while others entice and frolic with the dead.

I find her photos beautifully spooky, creepily stunning.


  1. These photos are absolutely gorgeous! :)

    xo, Samantha

  2. This was great inspiration, since my little brother is hosting a "ghost party" this Friday for all his friends, and I'm invited. Although I was thinking about being an indian..maybe a zombie - indian then ? :D

    I just noticed your comment on Wonder Forest's post and felt many similarities. Nice to find your blog!

    xx indie by heart


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