Cut the Crap; Just Summarize

I just spent half an hour on Better Book Titles and have to say, NEW OBSESSION. Below are some of the ones that popped out at me. Granted, I found so many more that I found offensively hilarious.

I encourage you to check it out; there's a new post every weekday and--unless credited--all redesign and titles are done by Dan Wilbur. Each Friday features a reader submission, so if you're a graphics whiz/bibliophile/humorist, I suggest you go for it.


  1. I saw this on my birthday so I am going to treat it as a birthday present. BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER.

    I laughed out loud at Cormac McCarthy's "Are We There Yet?" Never bring that novel up to Charlar. She will complain for 10 minutes about having to listen to me gripe about fragmented sentences from Evansville, Ind., to Council Bluffs, Iowa. "Are we there, yet?" indeed.


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