Can't-Pass-Up Hand-Me-Downs

Cleaning out my items from the basement also encouraged my mother to purge her things. I ended up with several hand-me-downs (you know, to take up the space I had just emptied).

I decided to keep both my mom's old cheerleading sweaters. They're from the fall of 1973, and they actually fit me pretty well. I wore one to my cousins' cross country meet, in fact.

These patches are from my mom's letter jacket.

She also gave me three items that I am never bound to lose. The first is my grandmother's class ring (1953). The middle one is my mother's wedding ring. My parents were married in 1978, two years before my brother was born. My dad actually lost
his ring on the honeymoon (which, perhaps, should have been a clue to their evident split eight years later). The black ring is my grandmother's engagement ring (1954). It fits my right-hand ring finger perfectly, but I refuse to wear it, as the stone is somewhat loose.

These earrings were not from my mother; in fact, I have had them since I was about nine or ten. I do not remember who gave them to me; they either came from my great-grandmother (now deceased) or the mother of an elderly woman with whom mom used to work. Each earring is either screw-on or clip-on. They are without-a-doubt antiques, and I refuse to get rid of them. (My pins and earrings remind me of this picture.)

Again, this necklace is something I had from before. (In fact, with the exception of the rings, each piece of jewelry here is something I acquired when I was a child.) I have no clue where this necklace came from, but I would like to know how much it is worth, if anything. It's made by "Van Dell," a company that no longer exists.

On the same day I did my cheese-sweater shoot, I took the following pictures. Being unemployed and all, I thought I could keep myself out of mischief by taking all of my antique and vintage items outside. (I later found this collection of images, which was similar.)

Yes, indeedy. I hung a sweater on a fence post. DON'T JUDGE ME.


  1. oooh. love your blog so much!!
    And I love this post really.)

    Can you answer on my question?

    What is your favorite place on earth and why?
    It s really intresting for me, becaurse I love travaling and photo.)

  2. Great post! Love the necklaces on the fence :)


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