A Fistful of Sequins

One-hundred more posts and I will have posted 500. Yes, that means that I am marking my 400th blog post. (This happens to be my 401st, however.) To celebrate, I thought I'd throw in some fireworks. And sparklers. And sequins, because ... who doesn't like sparkly things?

See how fascinated I am here?

And here?

And ... somewhere in here?

BABY I'M A FIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirework!
Okay, not really. I don't have fireworks exuding from my breasts. Or my uterus.

Yep, I love me some sparklers.
Editorial Note: I swear I am not that deformed looking on an everyday basis. Cropped shirt + standing in cutesy pose with back curved = reverse scoliosis effect. Also, I stole this photos from a legitimate Facebook friend.

I'm so distracted by shiny things that I even take time to photograph them when I go to thrift stores.

Okay, so the above photo wasn't taken a thrift store, but I don't care. It was shiny and reflective, much like the following items...


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