A Cheese-Colored Sweater

I had a phone interview this morning, so I thought I would dress up and put myself into the formal "I HAVE TO BE INTELLIGENT" mode.

I suppose my babblings worked to an extent, for I was asked to participate in a Skype interview later this week. (If that means moving my computer so I'm not back-lit, and redistributing all the [packed] cardboard boxes so they can't be seen, so be it.) Admittedly, it is going to be strange having a Skype interview. My computer is in my bedroom and, no matter where I put it, my bed will be in view. That's right ... the bed with the
leopard print bedspread.

Anyway, after the interview, I was angsty and bored. Borsty. A terrible combination when it comes to sitting at a desk working, but a wonderful attitude to have while gallivanting about my backyard (and my neighbor's backyard, while I'm at it).

The result: a hilarious first attempt at an outfit post.

The "I'm NOT GOING LET GO [of this wall], JACK" pose.

The "I'm Going to Replicate a Pose Until The Wind Strangles My Hair into My Mouth" pose.

The failed close-up shot of my belt, which, by the way, I found while cleaning out my room. I've probably had it since I was eight or nine. THIS IS NOT TO SAY that I have grown economically rotund; this is to say that I am now a full foot taller and have hips.

The "Why Did No One Tell Me I Was Wearing a Skirt" pose (a la Steffy). (And, for the record, she does not fail. Rather, she looks like a graceful statue. Me? I'm a grasshopper in an A-line.)

The "My Neck Must Look Majestic" pose.

The "Confused Toddler" pose, complete with one sleeve up, one sleeve down.

The "My Neighbor is Watching Me So I'm Going to Take Pictures of A Ring on A Bush" shot.


Yes, I have abnormally large hair follicles. I would say I'm part hobbit, but that isn't biologically possible, given my height.

Me, fifteen seconds before this picture was taken: Why, hello there, Mr. Fence Post. You will SERVE ME as my makeshift tripod as I commune with nature.

Sweater: thrifted
Skirt: Old Navy (four years ago)
Belt: from childhood (found while cleaning)
Necklace: antique (found while cleaning)
Ring: heydayhandmade
Shoes: Gordmans (again, about four years ago)


  1. Well I was going to say you had me at "cheese" but then "borsty" came along and I REALLY fell head over heels. Hahaha oh man, I am so borsty ALL the time. Anyway, yay for first outfit posts! So yes, they are not the easiest sometimes but cheese makes everything better. You look GREAT.

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